The following APA/Huber School publications, originally sold as printed booklets or ebooks, are now available free to all by clicking on the appropriate links.

Foundation Astrology

Foundation Astrology is the original Foundation Course of the English Huber School – an introduction to astrology with a psychological perspective, and thus a foundation for study of the Diploma Course book.

Translated articles

The Development of Astrological Psychology – Bruno & Louise Huber 2007 20pp

How it all came about!  Bruno and Louise Huber give their individual perspectives on their fomative years and influences in the development of astrological psychology and the founding of the Astrological Psychology Institute. Part 1. ‘When someone makes a journey’ by Bruno Huber and Part 2. ‘The development of an astrologer – 36 years of API’ by Louise Huber.

Relationship Dynamics Through ‘Click Horoscopes’ – Sylvia Wenk 1994 23pp

Explores the use of ‘clicks’ between two charts, as shown in the ‘Click Horoscope’, and their meaning in relationships – with examples.

The Karma Clicks Horoscope – the Astrologer’s Secret Weapon – Wolfhard König 2009 18pp

Münich psychoanalyst and API tutor Wolfhard König explains the psychological significance of the Karma Click Horoscope, with examples including the charts of Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin.

New Levels of Interpretation in the Aspect Pattern – Michael Huber 2008 23pp

Contains the results of Michael Huber’s research into the significance of patterns within the spaces in the aspect structure.  These are claimed to reveal the hidden spiritual qualities of the human character.

Bruno’s History of Astrology – Bruno Huber 2007  14pp

Bruno’s research on the origins of astrology from the earliest days of human civilisation to the 1980’s.

Rectification of the Birth Time, by Michael Huber
Describes Michael Huber’s approach to an example birth chart rectification.

Original articles

12 Top Tips for Budding Astrologers – Joyce Hopewell 2019

Joyce Hopewell presents some key tips on getting into chart interpretation, previously published on her astrological blog.

One Cosmic Day – Wanda Smit 2018

One cosmic day equals 72 years, the time it takes the Self to sever bonds with its Little Ego. This memoir focuses on the first 54 years in the life of the author who kept journals and wrote stories about whichever themes and ideas entered her mind.

Viewed through the lens of Astrological Psychology’s Age Point Progression which traces the development of an individual’s consciousness, it looks at her fascinating journey to different areas of consciousness as reflected in her life and in her writing.

Celebrating the Quality of Four – Catharine & Mark Collier   2003 28pp

The human condition as the 4th kingdom in nature. A short essay comparing the Integral Psychology of American Ken Wilber with the ‘Astropsychology’ of Bruno and Louise Huber.

The Calculation of Chart Dynamics, by Beth Jerram
Describes in detail how to work out the Dynamic Calculations.

Seminar transcripts

The Family Model – Sun, Moon and Saturn – Bruno Huber 16pp

The Family Model as reflected in the chart by the positions of Sun, Moon and Saturn – how this relates to psychological dispositions of the individual.

How Does Your Garden Grow? – Richard Llewellyn 1991 16pp

Richard considers the growth of the person from the perspectives of humanistic psychology and astrology, leading into the perspective of astrological psychology.

Saturn, Millstone or Mentor? – Joyce Hopewell 1998 15pp

The significance of Saturn and its manifestation and qualities.

Fear, Phobias and Panic – The Psychodynamics of Fear in the Horoscope – Wolfhard König 2003 41pp

Explains the psychological basis for fears and phobias, and their roots in conflict. He shows how these conflicts are reflected by features in the birth chart, thus indicating possible approaches to their resolution. With student examples.

Medical Astrology – Bruno Huber 1992 11pp

Bruno outlines the results of 20 years of research into medical astrology.

Astrology and the Esoteric – The Seven Rays and the Moon Node Horoscope – Louise Huber 10pp

An introduction to esoteric aspects of astrology.

The North Node In Your Chart – Twelve Doors to Spiritual Growth – Louise Huber 13pp

The significance of the Moon’s nodes and their positioning within the house system of the birth chart.

The Spiritual Path and Crises of Transformation – Louise Huber 16pp

Crises of transformation related to the Signs of the Zodiac.

The Spiritual Triad: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – Louise Huber 16pp

The transpersonal planets and their correspondence with the the personality planets. The diagram of the Amphora.

The Laws of Spiritual Growth in Astrology – Louise Huber 13pp

The nature of spiritual growth and the first three initiations.