Astrological Psychology

Combines astrology with growth psychology, a powerful tool for self-understanding and psychological/ spiritual growth.

Pinpoints where we are in life, what psychological stage we are travelling through, our motivations and current issues.

Used by individuals and by counsellors/ therapists.

An effective way of getting to the heart of a client’s problems.

Also known as Huber Astrology.

The Books

Teachings now documented in German, English and Spanish – a series of 8 books by the Hubers, plus works by further authors, including English teaching Principals Richard Llewellyn and Joyce Hopewell.

Full original teaching of the English Huber School is now available in book form.

The Blog

Moderated forum for ideas related to astrological psychology. You are welcome to read and comment on any post.

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Bruno & Louise Huber

System researched by Swiss astrologers/ psychologists Bruno & Louise Huber, working with Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis.

Founded the Astrological Psychology Institute (API) in Zurich from1968, training many thousands of students since then. Linked Huber Schools in England and Spain.


The books provide the basis for study of astrological psychology, together with a set of complementary resources. Services are provided by Tutors to help your study process and by Consultants to help with your self development process.


  • The Second Time Around – now published: book on life after age 70 from the perspective of Huber Age Progression – a period of life when we renew acquaintance with energies first experienced in childhood, a time for growth and renewal. See blog post.
  • Death of Michael Huber
    See obituary, his contribution, and Perla’s reflections.
  • Posts by Joyce Hopewell on A Circle in a Spiral
  • The Twitter/X @astpsy stream is still operational, but we have removed the list of latest tweets from this page, as it no longer works. Highlights are included here.

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