Life Clock

Life Clock

The Huber Method of Timing in the Horoscope

by Bruno and Louise Huber

Life Clock is perhaps what most captures the imagination of those new to the work of Bruno and Louise Huber. The horoscope is seen as a clock for the person’s lifetime, with the Age Point indicating their age as the ‘time’ on the clock.

Those trying it for themselves invariably find significant correspondences between indications in their birth chart and psychological crises and other meaningful events in their lives. This deepens self-understanding and provides impetus and insight to their psychological and spiritual growth. The effectiveness and value of this surprisingly simple approach to astrological timing is repeatedly confirmed.

Counsellors and others in the helping professions find this a powerful tool, helping them to quickly identify the psychological sources of a client’s problems.

This is one of eight volumes by the Hubers covering astrological psychology, a powerful combination of astrology with modern psychological understanding pioneered by them. Life Clock contains an appendix introducing astrological psychology, so is accessible to those unfamiliar with, or relatively new to, the Huber Method.

Essential material for all students of astrological psychology!


Paperback, 332 pages. This restructured and revised edition published 2006;
original versions published in 1982 and 1986.
Minor update with improved formatting 2022, 328 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-9547680-4-1