Most of the important ideas in astrological psychology and much experience of its use are now documented in a series of books published by HopeWell publisher. We first consider the best introductory books and then go on to give a comprehensive list.

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The best introduction to astrological psychology is The Cosmic Egg Timer, by Joyce Hopewell and Richard Llewellyn. Reading this will give you a good appreciation of what astrological psychology is all about, and prepare you for taking it further.

Following that, Joyce’s The Living Birth Chart will then give you a feeling for the full power of this approach.

If you are already familiar with astrology, you will still find value in the above, but could easily move on from this to one of the books by Bruno & Louise Huber. Astrological Psychosynthesis and The Astrological Houses are their best introductory works.


Once you are convinced that you want to understand astrological psychology in greater detail, either for your own development or with a view to using it to help others, the study book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method provides a systematic approach to learning the whole subject, possibly with tutor support.


If your interest is more academic, you might also consider starting with Sue Lewis‘s Astrological Psychology, Western Esoterism and the Transpersonal, which places astrological psychology in its historical context – astrological, psychological and spiritual.

Full Range

The full range of books on astrological psychology is shown in the following, grouped by author.

Originally Published in English

The following books were produced by individuals trained with the English Huber School / Astrological Psychology Association and expand on or take forward the original work of the Hubers.

By Joyce Hopewell

By Sue Lewis

By John D. Grove

By Tutors of the English Huber School

Translations from German

By Bruno & Louise Huber

The Hubers are the founders of the system of astrological psychology, so in reading their works, all translated from the original German, you will be going back to ‘the source’.

The main Huber works explain the links with psychosynthesis, the unique Huber discoveries on the House System, Aspect Patterns and the Life Clock, and the application of all this in the interpretation of the psychological meaning of the planets.

Further books by the Hubers take a more spiritual perspective on the use of the birth chart for furthering the development and understanding the purpose of the individual’s life.

Astrolog Articles

There is a thriving population of astrological psychology practitioners in Germany and Switzerland, and the following selections of articles are translated from the German-language magazine Astrolog, including several articles by the Hubers.

Also Recommended

Recommended related books from other publishers are:

Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond, by Will Parfitt
Reflections and Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac, by Louise Huber.

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