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Astrology is one of the oldest combinations of art and science. Although it has often been exploited and misrepresented throughout history it has also, in knowledgeable and skilled hands, become a valuable tool for human development. We still do not know how or why astrology works, so it is impossible for anyone to claim that they have found the definitive way to interpret a birth chart.

Bruno Huber
Bruno Huber

However, astrological psychology, the approach developed by Swiss astrologers and psychologists, Bruno and Louise Huber, has been found by many to be a dynamic and effective way of using the natal chart. Astrological psychology promotes self-awareness and aids personal and spiritual growth. It aims to combine the best of traditional astrology with modern psychological knowledge.

Louise Huber
Louise Huber

More than 50 years of intensive client-centered research enabled the Hubers to structure a comprehensive system of astrological psychology – the Huber Method – which offers a wholistic way of interpreting a birth chart by examining, and giving meaning to, the layers of a human life from the central core of the psyche to the environment in which we live.

In 1962 Bruno and Louise  founded the Astrologisch-Psychologisches Institut in Adliswil, Zurich, teaching this unique approach to astrology and psychology in German.

Richard Llewellyn
Richard Llewellyn

In 1983 British astrologer Richard Llewellyn and American astrologer Pam Tyler, assisted by the Hubers, founded an English Huber School offering teaching of their approach in English.

Since those early days, thousands of students worldwide have been trained in the Huber Method. Many of those who have graduated over the past 30 years are professional men and women engaged in the helping professions.

The school adopted the APA code developed by Bruno Huber to ensure that astrological psychology is only ever used in the positive service of humankind. All graduates were required to sign this code.


Astrological Psychology Association

As well as continuing to offer distance-learning courses, in 2003 the school became a membership association for all interested in astrological psychology and its evolution.

With declining demand, the distance learning courses were closed to new enrolments at end of 2016, with final course completions by end 2019. As an alternative, the course materials have been published, with optional tutoring arrangements.

APA provides a number of resources in the membership area of this website, including regular issues of Conjunction, our newsletter/magazine of astrological psychology and historic articles for download. Members who are suitably qualified may also appear in the list of consultants maintained on this website.

For everyone interested in astrological psychology, the APA Bookshop, based in the UK, maintains all English-language books related to the Hubers’ approach in stock. Members receive a discount on orders to the bookshop.

Other features of general interest include

Formally, the operations of the Association, which is a limited company incorporated in Scotland, are performed by a group of Officers with specific responsibilities, and overseen by a group of trustees including the company secretary.

Please note that the Association in this current form is currently in the process of closing down. It is the intention of the Trustees that this website will remain as a resource for all interested in this exciting growth process known as astrological psychology.

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