UR PL squ April 2014Huber-stye charts and the related chart data are different from other astrological charts, so require special software to produce them. There is a set of Windows programs and web services that were validated to produce these charts to the standard required for the APA Diploma Course. See also recent addition of an Android program.

You may come across other programs that claim to provide Huber-style charts. If you want to work with a tutor we suggest you consult with them before committing to any program not identified here.

Windows Programs

The following programs, all from Cathar Software, are suitable for producing Huber-style charts. They are compatible with modern versions of Windows. Minimum system requirements are:  processor 300 Mhz+, HD Space 150 MB+, Screen 800 x 600+. Memory 512 MB+.

Apple MAC users need additional Software to emulate Windows and enable the running of Windows based programs (MAC Virtual PC).

These programs can be purchased as a download by credit card direct from Juan Saba’s web site: www.catharsoftware.com. Current prices are shown on the website.

If you have any difficulty contacting Juan for support related to these products, you can contact him at this email address.


AstroCoraAstroCora provides for all the needs of astrologers working in the Huber style.

It includes radix, house, and nodal analyses, dynamic calculations, Age Point progressions, family model. Also integration chart, personal rays, synastry, solar and lunar returns. Named aspect patterns can be displayed separately from the chart. There is considerable flexibility in the way a chart is presented, and a choice of two glyph styles – Huber and standard. Other Techniques Include: Draconic Charts, Lunations, Fixed Stars, Midpoints, Arabic Parts, Transits, Primary and Secondary Progressions, Harmonics.

The program incorporates a worldwide gazetteer, with automatic summer time correction. There is a Research option, which enables the database to be scanned in order to answer to such questions as “How many clients have sun in Libra and Moon in Scorpio?”

This version also includes Sabian Symbols and Profile Chart.


MegastarMegaStar is a comprehensive program, catering for both traditional astrology and Huber style astrology. Includes AstroCora features, plus soul analysis, local analysis, Integral charts and Karma clicks. The Ephemeris includes the asteroids.

In addition to the Koch house system, Topocentric, Placidus, Campanus, Regiomontanus and Equal house systems are available. Chart presentation can be tailored to the user’s taste.

Regulus Platinum

RegulusRegulus Platinum consist of three packages, each one made up of different combinations of features and designed to meet various preferences. Details are on the Cathar Web Site. The fully featured professional version is almost identical to MegaStar.

Regulus Platinum Student Version APA

This program was originally specially produced for APA to enable students to complete the Diploma Course without going to the expense of purchasing Astrocora or MegaStar.

It produces:

  • Radix chart, data, age point and age progression.
  • House chart, data, and age progression.
  • Nodal chart, data, and age progression.
  • The Family Model.
  • Presentation Charts.

Web Services

It is no longer necessary to use a PC in order to create Huber-style charts and data, although one of the above software programs is used by most practising Huber astrologers. You can also generate Huber-style charts and data using web-based services, which have the advantage that they can be used on modern phones and tablets as well as PCs.


A ‘free Huber chart’ facility is available on www.astro.com (from front page go to ‘extended chart selection’, and don’t forget to select ‘Koch houses’). This provides free Huber-style natal, house and nodal charts plus chart data and age progression dates, which can be viewed on screen or printed off. The charts are not to the highest standards, and do not have the flexibility of the MegaStar, Regulus and AstroCora, but they should prove adequate for many purposes. Tailoring is limited, so for example the glyph used for Pluto is not that recommended.

You can store the data for a limited number of charts without registering, more if you register. There is also a range of subscription options for higher quality etc.

Android Programs

Astro Mirror

A recent new kid on the block is Astro Mirror for Android. See website here.

See review here.