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The following table gives a complete list of in-print books with ISBN numbers, whether illustrations are in colour, and availability as ebook.

Title Ed’n Note ISBN Paper-back Kindle Ebook
Aspect Pattern Astrology 2 c,x 978-0-9956736-4-9 2019
Aspect Patterns in Colour 1 c 978-0-9558339-1-5 2010 2012 f
AstroLog I: Life and Meaning 1 x 978-0-9547680-7-2 2007
AstroLog II: Family, Relationships & Health 1 x 978-0-9558339-0-8 2009
Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method 1 c,l 978-0-9956736-0-1 2017
Astrological Psychology, Western Esotericism, and the Transpersonal 1 c 978-0-9558339-8-4 2015
Astrological Psychosynthesis 1 p 978-0-9547680-5-8 2006
Astrology and the Seven Rays 1 x 978-0-9547680-6-5 2007
Dreams and Astrological Psychology 1 978-0-9558339-9-1 2014
LifeClock 1 p 978-0-9547680-4-1 2006
Life Passages 1 c 978-0-9556736-1-8 2017
Moon Node Astrology 1 p 978-0-9547680-3-4 2005
Piercing the Eggshell 1 c 978-0-9956736-5-6 2020
The Astrological Houses 1 p 978-0-9558339-2-2 2011
The Cosmic Egg Timer 3 c 978-0-9956736-2-5 2018 2018 t
The Living Birth Chart 2 c 978-0-9956736-3-2 2019 2019 t
The Planets and their Psychological Meaning 1 x 978-0-9547680-2-7 2005
Transformation 1 p 978-0-9547680-8-9 2008
Using Age Progression 1 c 978-0-9558339-6-0 2013 2019 t

Notes column

c. The illustrations are in colour.

l. This book is large A4 size, rather than the smaller 5.5×8.5 format of our other books.

p. Earlier editions of these or similar books were originally published in English by other publishers as translations from the German, and are now out of print.

x. These books include original translations by Heather Ross from German.

Ebook notes

f: Amazon’s original Kindle ‘flow’ format for reading on all Kindle devices

t: Amazon’s ‘textbook’ or ‘page display’ format for reading the actual pages of the book on Kindle Fire, Android, iOS and Windows devices



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