Piercing the Eggshell

The Hubers and their Astrological Psychology

A biography of Bruno & Louise Huber, edited by Barry & Joyce Hopewell

After the failure of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich, as Europe emerged from the ruins of the end of the Second World War, many young people were drawn to try to understand the inner nature of people. What had gone so wrong? Among them were the young Swiss/German Bruno & Louise Huber, who met in 1952 in Stuttgart. They were immediately attracted and discovered a common passion for psychology, spirituality and astrology. They wanted to change the world in these areas, and soon married with that in mind.

The young Bruno & Louise Huber

This book tells of their explorations into astrology and the human psyche, particularly with Professor Roberto Assagioli, the founder of the transpersonal psychology known as psychosynthesis, and how their ambition was eventually realised through the establishment of the Swiss Astrological Psychology Institute and international schools in the English- and Spanish- speaking areas of the world.

Their new astrological psychology represented a revolution in astrology, and a new approach to psychological and spiritual development, based on an astrological development of Professor Assagioli’s established ‘Egg’ model of the psyche – Bruno Huber’s Amphora (illustrated on the book’s cover). Their collaboration with Assagioli resulted in major new insights into the relationship between astrology and psychology. The Hubers’ revolutionary coloured birth chart became an aid to psychological and spiritual growth, enabling the piercing of the shell of the habitual ego towards a more spiritual way of life.

This is the story of Bruno & Louise Huber, told by the Hubers themselves and by many who were inspired by them and involved in this great enterprise towards a more holistic humanity.

The editors

Barry Hopewell has been chief editor of the publisher HopeWell since its founding in 2003, publisher of the Huber books in English and books by a number of other authors. Also a trustee of the Astrological Psychology Association since 2003 and has fulfilled various roles related to its publications.

After obtaining her Diploma in Astrological Psychology, Joyce Hopewell became Principal of the English Huber School in 1991. She continued to play a leading role as Principal, then Principal Emeritus, until the closure of the School’s teaching programme at the end of 2019. Joyce is author of The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological Psychology, The Living Birth Chart, Aspect Patterns in Colour, Using Age Progression.

Here the editors explain what led to this book:


Paperback, 190 pages. First published 10th November 2020 by HopeWell, Knutsford, England.
ISBN: 978-0-9956736-5-6
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Review quotes

“The creative and engaging energy of the Hubers and the astrological method they invented is compelling presented in this delightfully rich book which details the development of astrological psychology in tandem with an insightful telling of the lives of both Bruno and Louise Huber. A must for an astrologer’s bookshelf and a fascinating read for everyone else.”

Will Parfitt, author of The Magic of Psychosynthesis, The Complete Guide to the Kabbalah, and Meetings With Amazing People.

“This book has reminded me of the humility and wisdom with which Bruno and Louise Huber acted at all times. Pioneers of an advanced view of astrology at the same level as psychology, what attracted me most was the simplicity and humanity in their behaviour and their commitment to personal growth. A headline book for all those who love astrology.”

– Rosa Solé Gubianes, Founder of Spanish Huber School

“The world of classical astrology has neglected its potential enhancement through incorporating modern theories of psychology, education and social sciences. This is the life story of Bruno and Louise Huber, who challenged traditional approaches to reading a birth chart. They introduced research into modern human behaviour, creating a new approach to using the birth chart to understand the psycho-social life of the human being, and help the individual person to understand themselves and grow. This book will be a source of inspiration for astrologers and others who want to discover a method that goes beyond fortune telling and speculation, to find a key to describe human nature holistically.”

– Harald Zittlau, Sekretariat, Internationaler Fachverband für Astrologische Pychologie (IFAP)