Astrology and Psychology

Astrological psychology combines the best of traditional astrological knowledge with modern growth psychology, providing a powerful tool for self-understanding and psychological and spiritual growth.

Astrological psychology can be used used as a resource and guide on life’s journey. It encourages us to take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions. It’s also very successful at pinpointing exactly where we are in life and it offers a wealth of useful information about each psychological life stage we travel through.

Astrological psychology is used by individuals working with their own charts or with the charts of friends and family, and by trained consultants working with clients.

Astrological psychology is not about predicting the future. It won’t tell you what’s going to happen to you, nor will it tell you what to do or how to live your life; it’s far more sophisticated than that.

How it began

Astrological psychology is based on 50 years of research and was developed by Swiss astrologers/psychologists Bruno & Louise Huber, who initially developed this approach while working with Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis. It is also known as ‘The Huber Method’ or ‘Huber Astrology’. It was originally taught in the German language at the Hubers’ Astrological Psychology Institute (API) in Zurich, starting in 1968. Since then, tens of thousands of students have been taught the Huber Method.

Astrological Psychology Association

The Hubers’ teachings became available in the English language with establishment of the English Huber School or API(UK) in 1983, with Bruno & Louise Huber’s co-operation. Since then, we have taught and trained students living in many countries around the world. We eventually metamorphosed into the Astrological Psychology Association (APA).

In our accredited courses we give English speaking students the opportunity to study and use astrological psychology. Students learn the theory of the psychological motivations found in a birth chart in a way that encourages them to develop their own self-awareness. Many of our students find that this enriches their lives and offers a fresh perspective on their interpersonal relationships.

discussionAstrological consultants, counsellors, therapists and psychologists have found that the Huber method provides a quick and effective way of getting to the heart of a client’s problems.

APA is a membership association. It is not just for students but for all who are interested in this modern combination of astrology and psychology.

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