Transits: How They Help In Understanding The Birth Chart

Post by Linda Tinsley

Although I do not use astrology for future forecast, I always include transits in birth chart readings. I have found that these also give me more insight into a person’s chart. They usually set off an aspect pattern which brings this pattern to the fore. This provokes discussion on how this pattern has operated in their life. It also helps in understanding the objective behind the transit for me and the client.

Transits come along to move us on, to make us grow and evolve. Often the transit helps to explain the present situation. This brings clarity to the psychosocial changes that are happening within.  Transits along with the Age-Point give insights to the person’s growth process. Together they give a wider and deeper perspective into us and our life’s journey.

Through our transits we are facing and dealing with Karma as well as learning, growing and evolving.   They often bring up problems and situations that rattle us. This could be the time to deal with them, although we often don’t think so!  Astrology’s gift is it opens the door to Self-Awareness.  Without this, your response to transits will probably be negative. In understanding their meaning and intent you begin to work with them. This puts you more in control.

Transits for me open up the birth chart highlighting present and future influences. When going through times of change, which often creates frustration and discord, we all need reassurance and clarity to deal with these difficulties.  However, not all transits are negative; some bring positive and needed change. Often they create space and freedom, and where the person is aligned with their purpose.

The birth chart is not only a tool for Self-Awareness it also becomes a guide toward future trends and possibilities.

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Featured image shows current transits on API(UK) formation chart 08/06/1983 12:30 London. See particularly transitting aspects from Pluto and Uranus.