If something isn’t working in your life as you’d like it to, or you’re confused and looking for clarity, then maybe an Astrological Consultant can help. You could also find that a consultation will help in your own process of finding out about astrological psychology.

consultationAll consultants listed in the following are graduates of the Astrological Psychology Association (or its predecessor organisations), have studied under the guidance of a personal tutor and have successfully completed the APA Diploma Course in Astrological Psychology or equivalent.

Please note that publishers of this website takes no responsibility for the manner in which the Astrological Consultants listed here work or conduct themselves with their clients.

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Deborah MawDeborah Maw PhD, PGCE, Dip API – Macclesfield, Cheshire

mob: 07949 965842
email: deborahmaw@hotmail.co.uk
YouTube: Deborah Maw

Hello. I’ve been an Astrology student and consultant for over 30 years. 

I offer face to face and video consultations, to individuals, couples and families, whether for a single consultation or to work together over a period of time. I can include Tarot if wished. 

I specialise in the Huber based Life Clock, which enables people to determine the best time for a new project or how a forthcoming astrological opportunity can be best used. 

For new parents I create gift folders with ideas and pointers to facilitate parenting choices that will work most favourably with their child’s particular temperament and potential. 

You can find my astrology talks and an astrology course for beginners in my YouTube channel. 

Updated 9/2/22

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Linda Tinsley – Southport, Lancs

tel:01704 544652
email: Lucinda@lucindatinsley.com
web: Lucindatinsley.com

It is often when you’re going through transformation period of our life that we begin to ask questions and look for answers. By having a birth chart reading I can help you understand what’s going on at a deeper psychological level. Your birth chart holds much information and a reading gives you insights into your life and purpose.

I specialize in Transits, Age-points and the Nodes. A transit often sets of an aspect pattern, which brings this pattern more to the fore. From this, you gain deeper insights of how this as operated in your life along with the deeper meaning of the present transit. Age-point shed more light on any situation in highlighting the area of life as well as the influences and energy around you.      I always explain the Nodes in my reading; they hold many of your innate habit patterns along with showing your life’s direction and growth.

I do reading through Zoom and payment is made through PayPal.  Email lucinda@lucindatinsley.com if you would like to discuss a reading or for any further information.

Updated 8/2/22

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Ghislaine AdamsGhislaine Adams – Woodbridge, Suffolk

18 The Clubhouse, Melton Park, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ
mob: 07746 164438
email:  ghislaineadams@icloud.com

Specialisms: astrological consultations, counselling, supervision. All strands are offered on a face-to-face basis,or via Skype/FaceTime/Telephone.

My starting point is ‘you’ as the client and my aim is to support you in living a more satisfying life. Together we will identify the particular themes and patterns inherent in your birth chart. Some of these themes may be the cause of problems that may affect various aspects of your life such as health, relationships, confidence etc. By learning to recognise their potential for growth and creativity, they will become your personal resources to use towards a deeper understanding of yourself and of your place in the world.

I am a psychotherapist with experience in therapy supervision and these combined with an in-depth knowledge of the Huber principles of astrological psychology allow me to offer my support to counsellors and therapists who wish to integrate astrology into their practice.

Updated 7/2/22

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Marilyn Burnett – Angmering, Nr Littlehampton, West Sussex.

tel: 01903 774603
email: astrofocus@talktalk.net web: www.astrofocus.co.uk.

By using your Huber Birth Chart as the unique map of your personality, I can help you to discover your psychological make-up, the greatest influences affecting your life and the direction your life is taking you. Your birth map can reveal motivations you’re unaware of, your strongest and weakest qualities and characteristics, the tensions and crises these may be generating and where they originate from. By gaining an understanding of these, it will put you in a better position to make take more control of your life, to make wiser decisions and to deal with life more positively. Not only will this knowledge encourage you to grow psychologically, but your chart can also reveal your potential for spiritual growth.

I prefer to give a written analysis as I believe having something you can absorb and refer to time and again will be invaluable. It also gives me the time, as I’m writing, to understand your personality more fully and therefore give you a more rounded explanation.

Updated 7/2/22

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jan underwoodJan Underwood, Dip.API – Moretonhampstead, Devon.

tel: 07974 680207
email: jusnake69@gmail.com

Face to face or telephone one off consultations.
Face to face Astrological Counselling.

I am particularly interested in Age Progression and Transpersonal Energy in the birth chart. I have a Certificate in Transpersonal Counselling and am a qualified Core Shamanic Practitioner, so am interested in the spiritual aspects of peoples lives.
Updated 7/2/22

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Trish Crawford – Cardiff

tel: 07376 862772
email: crawfords4@hotmail.co.uk

Face to face and written consultations. Also a qualified practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. These can be used in combination with the birth chart to facilitate healing at the subconscious level.

Updated 7/2/22

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Andrew DuncanAndrew Duncan – Scottish Borders

tel: 07833 560 322.
email: andrew@cardsandstars.co.uk

Individual astrological consultations by face to face or telephone, incorporating tarot imagery to explain the working of the aspect patterns in the chart. Also available to give talks on Astrology in the Scottish Borders Region.

Confirmed 16/2/22

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Ralph WakkerPurmerend, The Netherlands.

tel: +31623990574
email: ralphwakker@hotmail.com
web: www.wakkeryoga.nl/astrologie

Consultations in person or on Skype in Dutch of English.

My aim is to uncover the hidden potential in the birth chart and make you more conscious of your drives and innate talents. Together we can explore strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and needs. My conviction is that awareness is the beginning of a change. Helping to create a deeper understanding of your life through exploring the birth chart helps you to lead a more fulfilling life.

I have a special interest in synastry (how two charts work together) and relationships.

Updated 16/2/22

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Mark Douglas – Rustico, PEI, Canada

tel: +1 902-218-9317
email: mark@theseawithinyou.com
website: theseawithinyou.com

“Supporting your call through transpersonal psychology & astrology”

Mark is a professional astrologer and psychosynthesis coach from PEI, Canada. He has a diploma in astrological psychology (Dip. APA) from the Astrological Psychology Association (UK) and has studied traditional astrology through John Frawley. He is the founder of The Sea Within You, offering coaching and astrological services both online and in person.

Updated 7/2/22

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John D. Grove, Altoona, PA

website: http://asklepiosconnection.com/
email:  grovej85@gmail.com
credentials: Licensed Clinical Social Worker – PA  since 2002, Diploma in Astrological Psychology, May 2015

As a psychotherapist in mental health with a practice of focusing on individuals and couples, I  use a developmental framework  called the Huber Method to help people through crises and tasks that occur in the life cycle. My website- Asklepiosconnection.com brings astrological psychology into the picture to help you with life problems.

There are three main ego planets that I work with: the Sun, the Moon, and Saturn. The Sun represents our thinking and is the  ‘will ego need’, or the need for independence and to be our own boss. The Moon represents our inner child, the need to reach out for love and acceptance from parent figures and in relationships.   We carry these inner child drives throughout our entire lives, reflected in our Moon position and its aspects in our birth chart.Saturn represents our need for safety and security. So, these three ego planets of the Solar System represent different ego drives and are the focal point for much of my interpretation for you.

I think the intuitive side of  astrological psychology helps give meaning to life. There are lessons to be learned in this lifetime that are reflected in the aspect patterns  in our horoscopes.  The Huber method has three horoscopes: from the past (Moon Node Chart), conditioned learning (House Chart) and the present incarnation (Natal Chart). I focus on these 3 charts  in any assessment.   I do not use horary astrology or make predictions; however, I can tell you through Age Point Progressions (Bruno and Louise Huber) and Transits to sensitive points in your charts, what developmental crises you might face at any given time.

Updated 7/2/22

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Pam Tyler Dade City, Florida 33525

website: www.hourglassastrologer.com
email: hourglassastrologer@gmail.com
tel: +1 575-779-1382 or +1 352-410-5530
Astrology Training: American Federation of Astrologers Teacher 1978, Faculty of Astrological Studies Diploma 1979, Astrologisch-Psychologisch Institut (API Diploma 1981), Zurich .
Retired lawyer and Episcopal priest.

Practice limited to Huber Astrological-Psychological Natal Astrology, Time of the Essence horoscopes and Synastry. Consultation in person or by Zoom.

Natal Chart: Comprehensive introduction to the birth chart. The emphasis is on dialogue rather than analysis with the purpose of enhancing personal insight and self-understanding through the lens of astrological symbol.

Time of the Essence: The conversation addresses marker moments as indicated by the natal horoscope and current circumstances. The goal is to clarify questions and astrological significators for discerning soul congruent action and right timing. (Pre-requisite: Natal chart)

Synastry: Discussion centers on the comparison of two natal charts based on the context and purpose of the relationship. Areas examined include level of attraction, common interest, values, communication skills, relative stability, financial matters, and specific challenges. (Consent of both parties required.)

Updated 14/2/22

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