If something isn’t working in your life as you’d like it to, or you’re confused and looking for clarity, then maybe an Astrological Consultant can help. You could also find that a consultation will help in your own process of finding out about astrological psychology.

consultationAll consultants listed in the following are graduates of the Astrological Psychology Association (or its predecessor organisations), have studied under the guidance of a personal tutor and have successfully completed the APA Diploma Course in Astrological Psychology or equivalent.

Please note that The Astrological Psychology Association takes no responsibility for the manner in which the Astrological Consultants listed here work or conduct themselves with their clients.

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Deborah MawDeborah Maw PhD, PGCE, Dip API – Macclesfield, Cheshire
mob: 07949 965842

Face to face and telephone consultations. Individuals, couples, families. I particularly look for life patterns, the challenges these may have presented in the past and the opportunities they may offer in the present and future. Should you wish, I can incorporate muscle testing (Kinesiology) to find the next best step in your process.

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lindaLinda Tinsley – Southport, Lancs
tel:01704 544652

I use astrology for Self-Awareness and Self-Development. In working with your Birth Chart I offer insight, support and understanding for you, your life and your purpose. A consultation is exploring your Birth Chart together where you will gain a true perspective on yourself, clarity on your life and present situation. Birth Chart readings can be done through phone, Skype or in person. I run a local group in Southport once a month on a Wednesday evening. We are a warm and friendly group and we explore different aspects of astrology. If you like to come along please email me for details. You will be most welcome.

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Ghislaine AdamsGhislaine Adams – 18 The Clubhouse, Melton Park, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ
tel: 01394 610104
mob: 07746 164438

Specialisms: Astrological Counselling, Spiritual Growth, Teaching and Tutoring. I offer consultations on a face-to-face basis or via Skype/Face time/Telephone.

My starting point is ‘you’ as the client and my aim is to support you in living a more satisfying life. Together we will identify the particular themes and patterns inherent in your birth chart. Some of these themes may be the cause of problems that may affect various aspects of your life such as health, relationships, confidence etc. By learning to recognise their potential for growth and creativity, they will become your personal resources to use towards a deeper understanding of yourself and of your place in the world.

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Marilyn Burnett – Angmering, Nr Littlehampton, West Sussex
tel: 01903 774603
email: web:

By using your Huber Birth Chart as the unique map of your personality, I can help you to discover your psychological make-up, the greatest influences affecting your life and the direction your life is taking you. Your birth map can reveal motivations you’re unaware of, your strongest and weakest qualities and characteristics, the tensions and crises these may be generating and where they originate from. By gaining an understanding of these, it will put you in a better position to make take more control of your life, to make wiser decisions and to deal with life more positively. Not only will this knowledge encourage you to grow psychologically, but your chart can also reveal your potential for spiritual growth.

I prefer to give a written analysis as I believe having something you can absorb and refer to time and again will be invaluable. It also gives me the time, as I’m writing, to understand your personality more fully and therefore give you a more rounded explanation. However, I also give face to face consultations, either as an initial interpretation or preferably as a follow-up to a written interpretation. These can either be done personally or by Skype. I am also available to give talks within a fifty mile radius of Littlehampton.

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Geraldine DaytonGeraldine G. Dayton – Hanworth, Middx.
tel: 020 8893 7128

Astrological Consultations (face-to-face, telephone or Skype)

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jan underwoodJan Underwood, Dip.API – Moretonhampstead, Devon.
tel: 01647 440759

Face to face or telephone one off consultations.
Face to face Astrological Counselling.

I am particularly interested in Age Progression and Transpersonal Energy in the birth chart. I am also currently training as a Core Shamanic Practitioner, so am interested in the spiritual aspects of peoples lives.

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Alexandra Wax – Marlborough, Wiltshire.
M:  07582 968 553

I have been learning and using Astrology since 1980, as a language to describe the potential in the personality.  It has helped me to learn, to grow and to make choices with integrity, about myself and about other people – what makes you ‘tick’.

I offer one-off consultations or ongoing astrological counselling.  I am also a Registered MBACP psychosynthesis counsellor and psychotherapist.

Do contact me to discuss your requirements.

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Trish CrawfordTrish Crawford – Cardiff
tel: 07376 862772

Face to face and written consultations. Also a qualified practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. These can be used in combination with the birth chart to facilitate healing at the subconscious level.

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Andrew DuncanAndrew Duncan – Scottish Borders
tel: 07833 560 322.

Individual astrological consultations by face to face or telephone, incorporating tarot imagery to explain the working of the aspect patterns in the chart. Also available to give talks on Astrology in the Scottish Borders Region

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Milena ValkanovaMilena Valkanova – Sofia, Bulgaria.
tel: +359 887 587 207.

I am a psychological astrologer with more than 11 years of practice, an Jungian therapist and an art therapist.
I give consultations in person and by Skype.
I offer psychological astrology talks and courses and hold astrological and art therapy workshops.

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lola ferrerLola Ferrer – Barcelona, Spain.
tel: 34.932192920

Astrological consultations in Spanish and English, also via Skype. Flower Essence Practitioner (Bach, California,Australia). Astrological classes.

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ralph wakkerRalph WakkerPurmerend, The Netherlands.
tel: +31623990574

Consultations in person or on Skype in Dutch of English.

My aim is to uncover the hidden potential in the birth chart and make you more conscious of your drives and innate talents. Together we can explore strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and needs. My conviction is that awareness is the beginning of a change. Helping to create a deeper understanding of your life through exploring the birth chart helps you to lead a more fulfilling life.

I have a special interest in synastry (how two charts work together) and relationships.

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andrea buonaccorsiAndrea Buonaccorsi – Viareggio, Tuscany, Italy.
tel: +39 3202306583

Astrology and counselling in mindfulness: In the late 80s I started to explore  my interest in astrology and in 2000 obtained a diploma in Astrological Psychology with the Astrological Psychology Association. Later, after a three-year training at the Buddhist Institute “Lama Tsong Khapa”, I became a Mindfulness Counsellor. I teach courses and offer private consultations oriented to a better understanding of the individual’s inner needs and potentials.

Yoga: I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 30 years, the last 12 years as a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. I studied in Italy and India at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, attending classes and workshops in Europe and USA. I hold weekly classes of yoga and meditation in Lucca and Viareggio

Integral culture and vacation: I have always been interested in a synthesis between Eastern and Western thought, between science and spirituality. I have organized and held a series of conferences on many topics of Integral Culture (body, mind, spirit culture). I am one of the organizers of the “Alchimia Vacanze” an innovative holiday formula set in many beautiful places in Tuscany that combines fun with yoga, meditation, dance and artistic activities.

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Mark Douglas – Rustico, PEI, Canada

“Supporting your call through transpersonal psychology & astrology”

Mark is a Psychosynthesis Life Coach – completing his Board Certification (BCC) summer of 2020 through the Synthesis Center San Francisco. He brings a client-centered, practical, and relaxed presence to this work with clients. Mark respects that individuals are coming to see him for a certain reason and he seeks to connect with their Call. He offers a full range of astrological supports both in-person (if you happen to be near our beautiful shores of Prince Edward Island!) or through Zoom, Skype, phone. As a teacher and trained facilitator, he offers direct tutoring along with astrology and psychosynthesis workshops and clinics.

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John D. Grove, Altoona, PA

John D. Grove is a licensed clinical social worker with degrees in Human Development and Social Work. He currently has a psychotherapy private practice in Altoona, Pennsylvania. He was trained in Psychological Astrology by the late Dr. Maureen Demont holding a basic diploma and has an advanced diploma from the Astrological Psychology Association in the UK. He is the author of two books, Dreams and Astrological Psychology: The way through the Maze of the Unconscious (2014) and Life Passages: When Age Point Aspects and Dreams Coincide (2017)

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Pam Tyler – 14220 14th Street Dade City, Florida 33523
contact via website:

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