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The Fruits of the Mature Years

While doing my diploma and at Face to Face, I still remember Joyce putting on four pieces of music that symbolized the four quadrants. The music for the final “Being” quadrant was more tranquil, restful and calming (listen to adagietto from Mahler’s 5th Symphony). This I liked the most, which reflects my mature years. For

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Putin’s South Node Conjunct Pluto: his Power but Eventually his Fall

In looking into Putin’s birth chart, the first thing I noticed was his South Node was conjunct Pluto. Although the Nodes have no energy as do the planets, they are very important points in any birth chart. They hold much information of your past and future and it’s so beneficial to really understand them. I

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Transits: How They Help In Understanding The Birth Chart

Although I do not use astrology for future forecast, I always include transits in birth chart readings. I have found that these also give me more insight into a person’s chart. They usually set off an aspect pattern which brings this pattern to the fore. This provokes discussion on how this pattern has operated in

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APA Members Free Books Offer

In light of Richard Lewellyn’s passing, Elly Gibbs has kindly given Richard books to the APA bookshop. With also having a number of second hand books the book shop has gathered a large selection of metaphysical topics.  Most are in good condition that range from astrology to tarot books and cards, healing, spiritual and self-development.

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The Treasure in your South Node

The Nodal Axis is a very important part of your Birth Chart because it gives insights into your past and future.   Although the North Node points to new growth, challenges and possibilities, the South Node can hold a lot of your natural talents and abilities. The South Node shows by the house placement the area of life

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Changed APA Bookshop

Due to deficiencies in the old Bookshop software on the APA website, we have reconfigured the way in which the APA bookshop operates, taking the opportunity to streamline and simplify. You can visit the new bookshop from this link. The main changes are Titles are ordered by emailing Linda direct, rather than through the old

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