Putin’s South Node Conjunct Pluto: his Power but Eventually his Fall

Vladimir Putin, 7th October 1952, 09.30, St. Petersburg, Russia
Post by Linda Tinsley

In looking into Putin’s birth chart, the first thing I noticed was his South Node was conjunct Pluto. Although the Nodes have no energy as do the planets, they are very important points in any birth chart. They hold much information of your past and future and it’s so beneficial to really understand them.

I imagine the South Nodes as the suitcase you came into life with. Opening it by way of house, sign and aspects can tell you a lot about your natural, instinctive traits, characteristics and habit patterns. These are ingrained patterns and where you naturally operate from and revert back to.

The South Node represents the past, in what you have developed and focused on in past lives. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you could see this has inherited traits not just from your immediate family but from generations past. In fact I think it is both, but then again I do believe in reincarnation. Although this Node can be our comfort zone, there is no growth or development therefore is a safe but stagnant state of being to operate from.

Back to Putin

Putin came in Pluto conjunct his South Node in Leo and this also trines his Mars Wow!! This indicates he instinctively knows how to use power, to gain authority, a desire and a need to control. We can see he has gained power and authority through fear and being ruthless. He has used Pluto for his own ends, but this being one of the outer planet this cannot be used for personal gain alone. Therefore he will fall!! It seems he must have held and had positions of authority in past lives or his family genes are fuelled with potent, energy ambition. A mixture of both one would think! Trines in the chart show our inner resources, abilities we use naturally and maybe talents we have developed in past lives. The trine to Mars from Pluto suggests he can naturally use his self-will and assertiveness to get what he wants, to achieve his ultimate power. This has worked for him so far in gaining his position has head of Russia. Power has gone to his head and it will eventually destroy him. However, the point I wish to make is; he is working from old established patterns which are fixed.

The North Node

Bringing in his North Node which is a point to future growth. This has a magnetic force where circumstances, or often through other people we are lead toward this Node. Because we can’t be accurate of his time of birth, (although some competent astrologer has made this chart fit well) we can’t be certain of the house placement of his North Node. The house is the most important part, so we can only be certain of its sign, which is Aquarius. He had the potential to use his power for humanity. Instead he could have seen Aquarius as his group, his country and surrounded himself with like-minded people. He may see himself restoring power to his motherland. Instead he is destroying it! It may eventually bring more equality to Russia, where and when the corrupt power of the elite is weeded out.

Saturn a reality check

Saturn on his North Node is opposing all his power and might. This is the world all against his madness. This also sets off the Square aspect to Jupiter which is in Taurus. This is affecting his resources in many different ways. Saturn has also activated the strong trine aspects to the four planets of Sun, Saturn Mercury and Neptune. This could have given him the confidence and belief in thinking he is justified to bring  Ukraine under Russian rule. In some ways he is succeeding as he holds the world at bay with his threats of nuclear power.

However, Saturn conjunct his North Node and opposing his Pluto, it will only be a matter of time before he falls from grace!! In the meantime how many lives will he destroy with his self-deluded need for control and power?

Pluto Transit

Transiting Pluto is now making a semi-sextile to Mars, which sets off the blue triangle with his natal Pluto. The focal planets are Mercury/ Neptune, is this where is madness comes from? Neptune with Mercury can give imagination and psychic ability. It can also cause illusion, confusion and instability, which driven by a need to control and power, Mars/Pluto. It seems Putin has lost the plot!!

It is the beginning of the end of Putin, but how far will he go before his Karma and the scales of Justice catch up with him? Let us all hope and pray it’s not too long!!!

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