The Large Talent Triangle in my Chart

Post by Wanda Smit

Ever since I discovered  Astrological Psychology and what the Large Talent Triangle represents, I have been wondering what my talent is – my real talent – with Uranus in  Cancer in the 4th house, the Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house and the Sun on a low point in Pisces in the 12th house. My Age Point crossed the Sun a year ago, thus completing the Large Talent Triangle in my chart. Do I now know what my talent really is?

Uranus in Cancer in the 4th house

My talent could be the unexpected in family, home, country and traditions. My home language is Afrikaans, yet I prefer speaking English and studied European languages (Italian, German and French) and their respective literatures.

The religion I was born into was the Dutch Reformed Church, yet I studied Comparative Religions and would now say that I am more of a Buddhist (after the years I spent in South East Asia) in the sense that I believe Kindness is the most Divine quality.

When my Age Point was on the low point of the 4th house, I was living in Switzerland with a family – that of my Swiss boyfriend – I really did not enjoy. Where my family was fun-loving, this one was the opposite.

Innovative Cancer is at the bottom of the 7 houses I have renovated in my life as I wrote in a previous post The Tyranny of Aesthetics.  Is my talent the ability to do the unexpected in  these houses, culminating in the one I sold a few months ago – and which I saw as the Moon in me? The much smaller one I am in now represents the Sun in my chart: it is set at the back of the property, not near the street, which is the perfect reflection of my Sun on a low point.

In my Moon house, I started doing more and more of the unexpected, filling the ever recurring cracks with pearls and buttons which I inherited from my mother and sister, or bits of broken glass; throwing light-grey pebbles – like those on the beach of the Adriatic Sea – in my shower to remind me of that sea.

Jung sees the house in dreams as a symbol of the Self. Is the bronze rub I used on the walls in my Moon house a reflection of my great love for the art of Gustav Klimt (on the blog) or a simulation of the bits of gold I now see glowing in the lead in me?

The Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house

With the Moon as my strongest ego planet and the surplus of water in my temperament, I suffered a lot emotionally, also due to the sex – falling in love – death and rebirth of Scorpio. It would take me three decades to realise that falling in love was not Love as these two diary entries reveal:

2 May, 1994
How close I feel to D. As if I have known him forever, as if he is the one I have been waiting for.

Then, only five months later, with my Age Point midway between Neptune and the Moon:

20 October 1994
How ugly D makes everything: dark and ugly. Love to him is ‘sticking your head in a toilet’, creative writing is ‘dirty washing’. In nothing does he see any beauty.
His bitterness is poisoning the sweet feelings we once had. It is sapping my energy too, but I am pleased I gave him what I did. It is my gift to him for the great lesson I learnt: that falling in love is not love.

No-one captures – in sound – my melancholy in love better than the songs of George Michael.

I feel I am also slightly touched by the Moon and some people find me entertaining. I love to make people laugh with my lunatic behaviour because I agree with Reader’s Digest: that laughter is the best medicine. Needless to say, at school I was the class clown, which landed me the role of Bottom – the one with the ass’s head – in my high school’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Neptune is also in the 8th house, but in Libra. Striking a balance between mundane love and Divine Love, transforming the lead in my concept of love and refining it – not without intense suffering at my inner forge – is, I believe, my talent. For I never became bitter or held it against anyone.  If anyone was to blame, it was me and my misunderstanding of what Love really means.

The next year – 1995 – my Age Point would encounter the essence of my emotional ego, the child in me. It is noteworthy that my Afrikaans father died the same year – a perfect reflection of the Sun on a low point. He had been an ‘absent father’ in my life because of his alcoholism.

24 May 1995
A shocking week it has been, with my father in hospital in a coma, not dying yet not living either. Is this also the state of the animus in me who won’t act like he used to, yet lingers on, ailing. Like D?

The Sun on a low point in Pisces in the 12th house

As a fish, I live in the depths, which might be what underlies the words of one reader of my Age Point Progression articles for the blog: that I write with such depth.

My Sun on a low point is at the bottom of my attraction to the psychologies of Jung and Hillman (both on the blog) who took me on a mind-expanding journey for many years, as did all the other people, mostly writers, I have written on for the APA blog. It also underlies my tendency to be predominantly reclusive.


The trines of the Large Talent Triangle are Jupiter aspects and Jupiter is the bringer of good luck. I certainly have incurred much divine favour throughout my life.

Particularly when I studied Astrological Psychology because it gave me a context – that of Age Point Progression or the development of consciousness (which is my main interest) within which I could think and write.

With my Age Point moving towards Jupiter which it will encounter later this year – in December – I am looking forward to more Divine Favour in my life. It’s going to be my best Xmas ever!