The Fruits of the Mature Years

Post by Linda Tinsley

While doing my diploma and at Face to Face, I still remember Joyce putting on four pieces of music that symbolized the four quadrants. The music for the final “Being” quadrant was more tranquil, restful and calming (listen to adagietto from Mahler’s 5th Symphony). This I liked the most, which reflects my mature years. For me this has been the most fruitful.

I have had a few clients who in their mature years are looking for more purpose to their life. I loved this quote from a lady; I have just retired and have an open page in front of me.” Another client said, “I have done all my duty stuff, and it’s time for me now.” It is indeed a most wonderful stage in life when the inhibition and insecurity of youth have been overcome, along with those expectations of life that have been experienced. Having the freedom to follow your passion, to learn new skills and develop more of who you really are, is one of the fruitful times of life.

Life is about growth and expansion, which the North Node in the Birth Chart is always pointing toward. This Node represents a new stage of growth, which
continually works through your life urging further development of your character and potential. The mature years can be the most rewarding because you have greater freedom of self-expression having worked through life’s lessons. Many at this stage are experiencing a new lease of life, and are looking for a more purposeful focus. Some wish to contribute their skills into worthwhile causes, while others wish to start a business in doing something they love and believe in. Grandchildren are the fruits of our labour and enjoying these can be a gift of the mature years.

Mind And Spirit Never Grow Old

The body shows the aging process with its aches and pains and we may not be as mobile or flexible as in our younger years. However, the mind never grows old if you keep it active and open to new ideas and interests. Mindset is the key; you are as strong and as valuable as you Think you are. A lot of artists, scientists and famous people have produced their best work in their later years. They use their wisdom and creativity springs from a calm and peaceful mind. There is something within that never grows old. Our Soul and Spirit have more expression in our mature years.

We are in the springtime of the Aquarian age and the potential of the human being is vast. We are living in and are part of mind expanding revolution. More people in their mature years are becoming more alive, more adventurous with a new sense of freedom. Life experience and maturity is an asset we can use to express ourselves further, share our wisdom or just enjoy this time forYou Now”.