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APA Members Free Books Offer

In light of Richard Lewellyn’s passing, Elly Gibbs has kindly given Richard books to the APA bookshop. With also having a number of second hand books the book shop has gathered a large selection of metaphysical topics.  Most are in good condition that range from astrology to tarot books and cards, healing, spiritual and self-development.

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A Tribute to Richard Llewellyn

A Tribute to Richard Llewellyn 14th August 1925 – 9th February 2021 by Joyce Hopewell APA and the astrological world have lost a very special person. Richard Llewellyn, founder of the English Huber School (which became the Astrological Psychology Association) passed away on 9th February. He was instrumental in making the Huber Method of Astrological

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Thanks to all involved in The English Huber School

Bruno & Louise Huber began teaching their wonderful new system of astrological psychology in the 1960s in Zürich, initially in the form of seminars and later as formal courses. All the teachings were originally in German and a large following of students was soon established. Over subsequent years a series of books began to appear,

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The Authors: Richard Llewellyn

Richard Llewellyn answers Joyce Hopewell’s questionnaire, which aims to elicit what motivates people to write books about astrological psychology. Richard is co-author of the book The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological Psychology. 1) What inspired you to write this book? Having worked with Bruno and Louise Huber whilst creating the teaching material for the School

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APA coming up to the DC

What could the future have in store for APA? Does its foundation chart tell us anything? It is now over 35 years since the enterprise of introducing astrological psychology to the English-speaking world was embarked upon by Richard Llewellyn and Pamela Tyler in a Knightsbridge pub. Those years are documented in various places, including a

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Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method (2017)

APA tutor Trish Crawford reviews the new book of the above title, recently published by the publisher HopeWell. This new book is designed to provide an alternative method of studying astrological psychology to the Diploma Course in Astrological Psychology, and is very closely based upon it. It is divided into eight chapters, each one covering

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Saturn as Mother?

Richard’s notes on this once contentious aspect of astrological psychology were first published in an early version of Conjunction. If you’ve ever been caught out by a ‘traditional’ astrologer who challenges you on the issue of ‘the Hubers’ say Saturn is Mother’, don’t get caught out again! Remember that in the natal chart the Sun

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