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Students reflect on their learning

Here are reflections from two of the recent tranche of students who completed the APA Diploma Course, now available to work through in the book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method (with optional tutoring). Diane Perriam writes I felt drawn to the Huber approach so I decided to study with the APA – I can say

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Further Tutor Reflections

Following on from Ghislaine’s recent post, reflecting on her tutoring experience, here are shorter contributions by other recent tutors. I felt it to be a great privilege to be invited to become a tutor back in 2010. And it has also been a privilege to work with all the different kinds of students that came

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Looking forward and back on my involvement with APA

It was with sadness and also a sense of anticipation that I approached December 2019 that marked the approaching closure of the APA School. Sadness as it signalled the end of an era during which we, tutors, introduced the principles of Astrological Psychology to new students and guided them through their studies with love and

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Foundation Astrology

Most readers will be aware that the APA Diploma Course material is now generally available as the book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method. Due to demand, we have also made generally available the Foundation Course material, this time as a pdf ebook which can be downloaded and printed. Foundation Astrology gives a basic grounding in

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Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method (2017)

APA tutor Trish Crawford reviews the new book of the above title, recently published by the publisher HopeWell. This new book is designed to provide an alternative method of studying astrological psychology to the Diploma Course in Astrological Psychology, and is very closely based upon it. It is divided into eight chapters, each one covering

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Study Astrological Psychology

In a previous post we clarified that our long-running Foundation and Diploma courses are at the end of their natural life, and we were not accepting new enrolments after end December 2016. We also stated that new books will be made available to provide an alternative approach to study. The new book Astrological Psychology: The

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