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Age Progression: prepare to be amazed!

Age progression is a relatively new and simple approach to the use astrology in understanding psychological crises and periods of growth throughout our lives. And it’s not predictive – far from it. The approach presented in the Huber’s definitive book on the subject can be used even by beginners to gain a better understanding of

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The Moon Node Chart

The Moon Node Chart is briefly described in this post from Joyce’s blog. The Moon Node Chart is unique to the Huber Method, and is one of the three charts used in Astrological Psychology. The other two are the Natal Chart (used by all astrologers) and the House Chart, which I’ve previously written about. You

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Vladimir Putin

This topical post is reproduced from Joyce’s blog, gathering two earlier analyses of features of Vladimir Putin’s chart. This interpretation of Putin’s chart was written by fellow astrologer David Kerr in 2014. I am including it here, with David as guest author, in view of the current situation between Russia and Ukraine and the threat

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Decisions and choices

From Joyce’s blog. My book The Living Birth Chart is a practical workbook which includes theory, chart examples and practical exercises for the reader/seeker to dabble in and enjoy the revelations they provide. It’s a book to dive into and use if you want to bring your natal chart to life and apply what you

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Fred Astaire: “Can’t act. Slightly Bald. Also dances”

This post is from Joyce’s blog, a chart interpretation and edited extract from her book “Using Age Progression” Fred Astaire was born Frederick Austerlitz on 10.5.1899 at 21.16 local time in Omaha, Nebraska USA, the son of an American born mother and an Austrian father. His chart reminds me of a see-saw or swing boat

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A Tribute to Richard Llewellyn

A Tribute to Richard Llewellyn 14th August 1925 – 9th February 2021 by Joyce Hopewell APA and the astrological world have lost a very special person. Richard Llewellyn, founder of the English Huber School (which became the Astrological Psychology Association) passed away on 9th February. He was instrumental in making the Huber Method of Astrological

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Biography of Bruno & Louise Huber

The new biography of Bruno & Louise Huber, anticipated in my earlier post Telling the Huber Story is now imminently available, with formal publication date of 10th November. As outlined in that post: The book tells the story of the development of Bruno & Louise’s ideas, their formative influences and what impelled them to do

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Telling the Huber Story

While I was a Foundation Course student in the mid-late 1990s, I attended several seminars held by Bruno & Louise Huber, in England, Spain and Switzerland, culminating in the Seven Rays seminar of 1998. It was here that I became aware of the full depth of the Hubers’ understanding of psychology and spirituality, and it

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Huber questions answered?

The development of astrological psychology by Bruno & Louise Huber was a revolutionary combination of astrology with depth psychology and spirituality. How and why were the young Bruno & Louise inspired to dedicate their lives to this endeavour? What and who were the key influences in the world they grew up in that led them

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Thanks to all involved in The English Huber School

Bruno & Louise Huber began teaching their wonderful new system of astrological psychology in the 1960s in Zürich, initially in the form of seminars and later as formal courses. All the teachings were originally in German and a large following of students was soon established. Over subsequent years a series of books began to appear,

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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

I wrote about Harry’s chart some time ago, on my astrological psychology blog, when there was speculation over whether or not he would go into action in the Iraq war. At the time, he was serving in the armed forces and stated (but note, only via his friends) that he wanted to go to Iraq.

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The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

This book was a Christmas gift (thank you daughter) and its simple message, full of wisdom and magic, bears hope and significance for the times we are living in as 2020 and the new decade begins. It’s about love, friendship and kindness. I’ve read it through cover to cover, I’ve dipped into it, and I’ve

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The Magic of Psychosynthesis: Initiation and Self Development by Will Parfitt

Joyce Hopewell reviews Will Parfitt’s new book We are living in troubled, unsettling times, not just here in the UK where I sit and write, but in many countries around the world. Brexit, now exposed for what it really is, has morphed into an unpleasant can of worms and the effects reverberate not only in

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Jodrell Bank Telescope gains UNESCO World Heritage status

I wrote this post on my astrological psychology blog in August 2007, when the famous telescope was celebrating its half-century. On 7th July 2019 it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status, and it’s worth revisiting what I wrote in the context of this significant award, setting in alongside the chart image for the telescope and

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Moon and Feelings

In this extract from her book The Living Birth Chart: Astrological Psychology in Practice, Joyce Hopewell considers the relationship of the Moon with our feeling self, which often proves to highlight key issues in astrological psychology consultation. At the end she suggests one of the exercises from the book for you to reflect on this

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