Cats are solar, dogs are lunar

IMG_0557Cats, dogs and astrology. How do they go together? Cats – if you own one, you’ll know about this – are not biddable. They come when you call only when they want to and not before. They are independent, sometimes aloof, and are definitely their “own person”. They call the shots. Their sense of self is evident in the way they behave and react, and there are correspondences between cats and the qualities of the Sun in the natal chart as it represents our sense of self and our ability to be independent and autonomous.

Dogs, on the other hand, are very different. They are pack animals, not loners, and they need company. They like the feedback and interaction that takes place between dogs and IMG_0550humans. They (if trained!) will come when called and they often act as the sounding board and the recipient of the hopes, fears and dreams of their owners. This type of behaviour is lunar, and reflects some of the qualities of the Moon in the natal chart – our emotional needs and expression of them, and our need to be loved and make contact.

As shown in the illustrations, cats and dogs can happily cohabit and share the same living space, and this again is something we can strive towards when looking at both Sun and Moon in the natal chart.  In astrologial psychology, one of the aims in working with and understanding the chart (usually our own) is to work towards integrating the various component parts. Most relevant here is the integration of the planetary drives of Sun and Moon. We need both the independence and autonomy of the Sun and the ability of the Moon to connect and be emotionally involved. These two psychological drives can live alongside, and when they do, comfortable with the differences between them, we become more balanced and whole as a person.