Building Tomorrow’s World Today

Astrological psychology is built on esotericism. See for example the story of Bruno & Louise Huber in the biography Piercing the Eggshell. So those of you interested in astrological psycholoy may be interested in attending this event which explores ‘the art of cultivating an esoteric sense’. It is presented by our friends at Sundial House. Details follow.

Building Tomorrow’s World Today

An Online Event – Saturday 9 th October 2021

Registering from 1.45pm UK [BST] for a prompt 2.00pm Start until 9.30pm

Guest Presenters: Christine Morgan of The Lucis Trust UK, Marina Bernardi of The Community of Living Ethics, Italy.
Sundial Group Presenters: Mayte  Gomez, Lorraine Flower, Susan Green, Savina Miller & Janet Derwent

Do join us for a day of experiential exploration of the art of cultivating an esoteric sense. Esoteric knowledge is not meant to drive one’s spiritual life towards greater and increasing subjectivity, and introspection Exactly the reverse is intended all that the disciple is as a builder of tomorrow’s world has to become objective In this way their spiritual livingness becomes an everyday affair It is the Soul that essentially serves as a quality which manifests itself as a specific vibration, and not as a particular task.

All are welcome.

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Do not allow your wish to participate be limited by economic factors.
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Artwork © Nina O’Connell, Batik Emergence