What will happen after end of January?

The organisation the Astrological Psychology Association is formally closing at end January 2021. What will this mean for the Huber family? Here are the answers to some of your questions, as currently envisaged by your departing trustees.

Will the website www.astrologicalpsychology.org still exist?

Yes, this will be continue to be maintained in a similar way by your current Webmaster in the guise of the Huber book publisher HopeWell. The website will still provide a basic source of information about Huber Astrology/ Astrological Psychology. Much of the content will be retained.

Will there still be a Membership system?

No. We are investigating the possibility of adding a mailing list system to the website, so that items of interest can be emailed to those on thie list.

What will happen to the information in the Members’ Area of the website?

Most of the information will be simply made freely available.

Will there still be a blog?

Yes, you will be able to submit items of interest to the Webmaster for publication.

Will there still be the Conjunction magazine?

No. Editor Caroline Adlestone is taking well-earned retirement from this task. Back issues of Conjunction will be freely available on the website, together with the Conjunction indexes.

Will there still be a Twitter feed @astpsy?

Yes, you will still be able to follow it and submit items of interest to the Webmaster for publication.

What happens to the Huber/Hopewell books?

The website will continue to be a prime source of information about the Huber/Hopewell books, which will continue to be available through book retailers, through which most sales are already made.

Will there still be the APA Bookshop with special member prices?

No. There have been few sales through the bookshop in recent years. Linda is also taking well-deserved retirement, but will retain the stocks, so you may be able to obtain items from her.

Will there still be the ebook store?

No. Most of these will be made freely available, apart from Foundation Astrology which may be published as a Kindle ebook.

Will there still be support for the study of astrological psychology?

Yes. The Study section of the website will remain, and available tutors will continue to be listed.

Will Consultants continue to be listed?


Will there still be information about Huber Software?


What happens to the Company APA Ltd and its resources?

The company ceases trading at end of January and will be formally wound up over the next few months, following an EGM. Resources will be distributed by the trustees, in alignment with the desires of the Members, as expressed in the recent Member Closedown Survey, and consistent with the formal company constitution.

What if we haven’t answered your question?

Send it to webmaster@astrologicalpsychology.org.

Featured image by Khaydock, via Wikimedia Commons.