The Nodes: The Doorway Into Your Karmic Story

Post by Linda Tinsley

Linda Tinsley suggests an approach to the Moon’s Nodes and the Moon Node chart, inspired by a recent book by American astrologer Steven Forrest, one of the founders of the school of Evolutionary Astrology.

The nodes have always been of great interest to me, in fact it’s through the nodes that I begin to understand a person’s chart. When my age-point conjunct my north node, I made a firm decision to study astrology. This opened up my mind and my world. Although I understand the message of my nodes, I have been further inspired by a recent book by Steven Forrest, Yesterday’s Sky. This gives further information about the nodes that help in discovering your karmic story. Using his system we can uncover past issues we have brought back with us to be worked on, to be resolved, to be healed. Often we are still wrestling with these problems today. The north node can helps to solve these. Of course we know all this, it’s evolutionary astrology and very much aligned with Huber material. The book however, gives another angle to it; by prising out a story which resonated with something deep within you, and which still has some control in your life today. To quote Steven; “it’s the chart behind the chart which to some extent is similar to the nodal chart.

The Nodal chart shows the shadow self, aspects of ourselves we are still working from, which, for the most part, we are not aware of. Steven’s method uses the nodes, their rulers and aspects to uncover emotional issues from past lives. Using imagination, feeling and instincts a karmic story can emerge. This can give a foundation to the problems we now encounter. The north node shows the solution, the growth and the intent of the soul’s journey.

We can make a story from the Nodal chart, and I am experimenting in combining both methods to gain further insights. This, I feel, will be useful for client work which would give depth and understanding to their life and their problems and purpose. We are the full total of all our past lives but we do carry emotional issues that still need to be dealt with. We cannot grow by repeating old karmic patterns

There will, of course, be a good deal of positive attributes we also have brought back with us, which can be brought to light through the nodes and the nodal chart.