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Conjunction Index – Articles

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Astrological Psychology for our Troubled TimesJoyce Hopewellcj743AP
An Experiential Introduction to Huber Astrology, “Know Thyself”Janet Derwentcj746AP
Election 2020: Trump on DisplayJohn D. Grovecj7411Practice
Most ProfessionalBarry Hopewellcj7418AP
Contemplating this Turning Point in All Our LivesSue Lewiscj7422Practice
Conjunction ReplyTrish Crawfordcj7428Practice
My Sun. My Father.Wanda Smitcj7430Practice
The Centre CircleBarry Hopewellcj735AP
Disidentification, Planetary Watchers,Interconnectedness and Our Current CrisisSue Lewiscj737AP
How can astrology helpLinda Tinsleycj7318Practice
The Correlation between Dreams and Age Point at Critical Life MomentsJohn D. Grovecj7319Practice
In my ElementWanda Smitcj7326Practice
The Witness in the Birth ChartCaroline Adlestonecj7328Practice
The MoonSue Lewiscj723AP
An Astrological Psychology Consultation: Going Beyond...John Grovecj7210Practice
SandraJoyce Hopewellcj7214Practice
Some Personal Reflections on becoming and astrological consultantSue Lewiscj7218Practice
Polarities – It's never Either/Or it's Both/AndMark Douglascj7221AP
One Cosmic Evening, the 10th6 year cycle in my ConsciousnessWanda Smitcj7225Practice
Astrology and Depth Psychology VWolfhard Königcj7229Psych/Phil
Astrology and the EsotericLouise Hubercj714AP
My Many Lives, Sub-personalities and the Moon Node HoroscopeJohn Grovecj7114Practice
Albert EinsteinBarry Hopewellcj7119Interpretation
Completing the Stage FigureWanda Smitcj7122Practice
The Cosmic PlaygroundJoyce Hopewellcj7124Astrology
Astrology and Depth Psychology IVWolfhard Königcj7126Psych/Phil
Psychological Tasks and PsychosynthesisJohn D. Grovecj704Practice
The Threefold Personality, Retrograde Learning Triangles...Sue Lewiscj707Practice
My Large Learning Figure...Linda Tinsleycj7012Practice
Meeting MercuryWanda Smitcj7014Practice
Astrology and Depth Psychology IIIWolfhard Königcj7016Psych/Phil
The Hubers and their LegacyBarry Hopewellcj693AP
New Release Megastar 9Juan Sabacj6910AP
Astroprinted JewelleryAndrada Andreicj6916Practice
Intercepted Planets and PicassoSue Lewiscj6918Practice
Interception: A Journey Between LivesTrish Crawfordcj6922Practice
Intercepted Venus and JupiterAndrada Andreicj6923Practice
My Intercepted Sun/Mercury/MarsBarry Hopewellcj6925Practice
As Peas in a PodJoyce Hopewellcj6926Practice
Interception and Unaspected: No On Can Hear MeLinda Tinsleycj6930Practice
Shine On! Intercepted Sun in LeoCaroline Adlestonecj6931Practice
Astrology and Depth Psychology IIWolfhard Königcj6944Psych/Phil
Introvert/Extrovert on the Encounter Axis, Opening DoorsSue Lewiscj684Practice
Pluto in Capricorn – the sound of chickens coming home to roostJoyce Hopewellcj6813Astrology
Fate or Free WillLinda Tinsleycj6815AP
The National Expedition Team: You, Me and the ManyJane Derwentcj6816AP
Freud, Jung and dreamwork in connection to Age ProgressionJohn Grovecj6820Practice
The Location Horoscope: Where is the chemistry right for me?Bruno Hubercj6827AP
Astrology and Depth Psychology Part 1Wolfhard Königcj6834Psych/Phil
QuietJoyce Hopewellcj674Practice
Reflections on the Meaning of the House ChartGhislaine Adamscj677Practice
The House Intensity Curve: Low Point and Stress Planets in my ChartAndrei Andradacj679Practice
Rosemary's BabyJohn Grovecj6710Interpretation
Antonin Artaud and Jim Morrison. Daemons of Cruelty.Wanda Smitcj6713Interpretation
Approaching the TranspersonalIan Gordon Browncj6718Psych/Phil
Saturn and its various manifestationsGhislaine Adamscj666Practice
Three Kinds of RelationshipMarilyn Burnettcj667Practice
Retrograde Small learning TriangleAndrada Andreicj668Practice
What Astrology Means for MeFotini Chronopoulucj669Practice
Age Point Conjunct North NodeLinda Tinsleycj6610Practice
Moon Opposite PlutoJoyce Hopewellcj6611Practice
Three Aspect FiguresJohn Grovecj6612Practice
Pluto on the ACBarry Hopewellcj6612Practice
A History of APILouise Hubercj6613AP
Picasso 2Wanda Smitcj6616Interpretation
Sigmund Freud – 160 yearsWolfhard Konigcj6619Psych/Phil
Louise Huber 1924 - 2016 Joyce Hopewell & Sybille Sulsercj656AP
Remembering Louise Huber Variouscj658AP
In Gratitude for the Lives of Bruno and Louise Huber Pam Tylercj6511AP
Interview with Louise Huber Verena Bachmanncj6513AP
Picasso 1 Wanda Smitcj6519Interpretation
Water Dreams and Transformation John D. Grovecj6522Practice
Dwarf Planets in Our Expanding Universe Sue Lewiscj6524Astrology
From the West to the East Wanda Smitcj6530Practice
Victor Hugo, Poet, Peer, Exile Par ExcellenceWanda Smitcj643Interpretation
From Arcadia to Purgatory: The 8th 6-year cycle, Part 1Wanda Smitcj648Practice
My Provocative Figure on Trial!Richard Llewellyn&Joyce Hopewellcj636Practice
Growth through the Age PointMarilyn Burnettcj639Practice
Louise ColetWanda Smitcj6311Interpretation
Lincoln's DreamJohn D. Grovecj6315Interpretation
From the Unconscious to the Conscious 2Wanda Smitcj6317Practice
Lilith RevisitedBeata Bishopcj6321Psych/Phil
Clint Eastwood – The Man with No NameJoyce Hopewellcj626Interpretation
Arthur KoestlerWanda Smitcj629Interpretation
From the First ChamberKim Earlcj6212Practice
From the Unconscious to the Conscious 1Wanda Smitcj6214Practice
When You Drop a Stone in a PondRichard Llewellyncj6217AP
A Student's TaleNick Presswoodcj617Practice
From Copyrighting to GhostwritingWanda Smitcj618Practice
Journey towards the First ChamberKim Earlcj6110Practice
The Esoteric Meaning of the Aspect PatternGhislaine Adamscj6112AP
Esoteric Rulers and Seed Thoughts for the Signs 3Joyce Hopewellcj6114Astrology
Celebration HoroscopesSue Seymourcj6118Practice
From Academia to AdvertisingWanda Smitcj605Practice
Esoteric Rulers and Seed Thoughts for the Signs 2Joyce Hopewellcj607Astrology
Entering the Crystal MazeKim Earlcj6010Practice
The Art of Horoscope SynthesisNikolaus Sementowsky-Kurilocj6012AP
Science, Technology and Uranus/Pluto AspectsAnne Marmenoutcj6014Astrology
Number 3 and Trans-Neptunian ObjectsDominic Dibblecj6015Psych/Phil
ConjunctionJaki Rotherycj6018AP
From Africa to EuropeWanda Smitcj598Practice
Invitation to the Crystal MazeKim Earlcj5911Practice
Talk Therapy for Astrologers 4Wolfhard Konigcj5913Psych/Phil
Esoteric Rulers and Seed Thoughts for the SignsJoyce Hopewellcj5916Astrology
The AmphoraBarry Hopewellcj5919Astrology
The Chart of AC SwinburneRikki Rooksbycj5922Interpretation
Reflections on the Moon's Nodes from 1985Joyce Hopewellcj5812AP
Steve JobsBarry Hopewellcj5814Interpretation
From Sodom and Gomorrah to the WorldWanda Smitcj5817Practice
Introducing the Crystal MazeKim Earlcj5818Practice
Talk Therapy for Astrologers 3Wolfhard Konigcj5820Psych/Phil
How the English Huber School/API(UK) came into beingRichard Llewellyncj5824AP
The English Huber SchoolCharles Harveycj5825AP
Neptune Rising in the Chart of an OceanographerSue Lewiscj576Practice
From Cupid's Valley to Sodom and GomorrahWanda Smitcj579Practice
Time for ChangeTrish Crawfordcj5711Practice
Exploring the Wider Circumference of the SELFJohn D. Grovecj5713Psych/Phil
Talk Therapy for Astrologers 2Wolfhard Konigcj5716Psych/Phil
Astrology and the Four Core Paths of YogaJeremy Coopercj5720Astrology
Cupid's ValleyWanda Smitcj567Practice
Projection Figures, Politicians and the EuroSue Lewiscj5610Practice
Babies' ChartsJoyce Hopewellcj5612Practice
Talk Therapy for Astrologers 1Wolfhard Konigcj5614Psych/Phil
Dreams of a New LifeJohn D. Grovecj5617Psych/Phil
Astrology – The Shadow Side of AstronomyCatherine Colliercj5620Astrology
The Signs of the Zodiac & the Labours of the Month in the Middle AgesChrista Henselcj5623Astrology
SusannahRichard Llewellyncj5626Interpretation
The Three Classical Intelligence PlanetsBruno Hubercj559AP
Animus in the Female PsycheJohn D. Grovecj5511Practice
A Look at Margaret Thatcher's HoroscopeSophie Groeningercj5513Interpretation
A Reflection on EvolutionCatharine Colliercj5515Psych/Phil
Universal Jottings by AldebaranJoan Swallowcj5517Astrology
The Gregorian CalendarReynold Swallowcj5519Astrology
My Hero: Fred AstaireJoyce Hopewellcj548Interpretation
Parkinson's DiseaseBirgit Brauncj5411Practice
Hypothesis: Anima and Saturn in the Three ChartsJohn D. Grovecj5415Practice
My Crossing Point ExperienceMarilyn Burnettcj5418Practice
Riding the Chariot of the Sun – Part 2Catharine Colliercj5420Practice
Astrological PsychosynthesisBruno & Louise Hubercj536AP
Zodiac Signs and Body PartsJoyce Hopewellcj538Astrology
The Nodal AxisSue Lewiscj5311Practice
Dreams Reveal a More Comprehensive Emotional PerspectiveJohn D. Grovecj5313Practice
Riding the Chariot of the Sun – Part 1Catharine Colliercj5315Practice
The Elements in Medieval IslamJulie Nadencj5318Astrology
My Perspective on the Astrological ConsultationGhislaine Adamscj526Practice
Dreams and Individuation: Positive Uses of Moon Node AstrologyJohn D. Grovecj528Practice
Starting my Astrological Practice in BulgariaMilena Valkanovacj5210Practice
A Chip Off the Old BlockJoyce Hopewellcj5211Astrology
Transits: Trouble with NeptuneKathy Rogerscj5213AP
Royal Musical Chairs – A FantasyCatharine Colliercj5216Astrology
Introducing Astrological PsychologyBruno & Louise Hubercj517AP
Julie WaltersJoyce Hopewellcj519Interpretation
Marcilio FicinoSue Lewiscj5112Astrology
The Shape of AmbiguityKaren Rowlinsoncj5114Practice
The Five Elements of Ancient GreeceJulie Nadencj5116Astrology
The Evolution of ConsciousnessCatharine Colliercj5119Psych/Phil
Ptolemy RevisitedDavid Kerrcj509AP
Living with Intercepted PlanetsSue Lewiscj5011AP
Anima, Animus and the ShadowYvonne Taylorcj5014Psych/Phil
Astrological Psychology – My StoryJeremy Coopercj5017Practice
Meryl Streep's Life ClockJoyce Hopewellcj5021Interpretation
The Chart of the Astrological Psychology AssociationKathy Rogerscj5024Interpretation
Enquiry to Astro HelplineRichard Llewellyncj5026Practice
A Cosmic PartnershipCatharine Colliercj5027Psych/Phil
Franz MarcKathy Rogerscj497Interpretation
Meryl Streep – A Class ActJoyce Hopewellcj4910Interpretation
Sign Changes and Name ChangeDeborah Mawcj4912Practice
The Ticking of the ClockCatharine Colliercj4914Practice
Low Point JupiterJane Ritsoncj4917Practice
Goodness, Truth and BeautyBarry Hopewellcj4918Psych/Phil
Opposition: Not For or AgainstWill Parfittcj488Psych/Phil
The Underworld of Pablo Picasso and the Cosmos of Vincent Van GoghSue Lewiscj4810Interpretation
Zola Budd PieterseKathy Rogerscj4815Interpretation
Hitchhikers Guide 3: The Moon Node ChartJoyce Hopewellcj4818AP
A Folly – An Astrological ViewMaria Mawcj4823Practice
Saturn as Mother? Rubbish!Richard Llewellyncj479AP
The Child's Horoscope as an Aid to UpbringingLouise Hubercj4711AP
Over the Moon on the Fourth PlinthJoyce Hopewellcj4713Practice
The Carter Memorial LectureBernard Ecclescj4715Astrology
Hitchhikers Guide 2: Age ProgressionJoyce Hopewellcj4717AP
The Soul HoroscopeMichael Hubercj467AP
Agatha ChristieKathy Rogerscj469Interpretation
Hitchhikers' Guide 1: Aspect PatternsJoyce Hopewellcj4611AP
Signs as Costumes – Virgo and LibraCarolyn Palmercj4617Practice
Self Image and the House ChartRosa Solecj4619AP
Thoughts for the New YearKathy Rogerscj454Psych/Phil
Setting the Stage for RelationshipsWanda Smitcj456Practice
Huber astrology: a place in tradition and a role in the 21st centurySue Lewiscj458AP
Coco ChanelKathy Rogerscj4510Interpretation
The Living Birth ChartJoyce Hopewellcj4515AP
Musical AstrologyJulier Browncj449Astrology
Yoga and AstrologyKathy Crabbcj4410Astrology
Working with my 3 Charts TogetherElly Gibbscj4413Practice
25 Years of API(UK)Joyce Hopewellcj4415AP
Pictures at a Cosmic ExhibitionDiane Kelleycj43ex3Psych/Phil
Seed Thoughts: The Goal and the WayLouise Hubercj43ex13Psych/Phil
Storing Chart Images on your ComputerBarry Hopewellcj43ex18Practice
Second Time Around: Reflections on the Eleventh HouseMaggie Jefferycj43ex19Practice
Money and the Spiritual LifeRoberto Assagiolicj43ex22Psych/Phil
Psychosynthesis: An Integral Part of Huber AstrologyJeremy Coopercj433Psych/Phil
Questioning AstrologySarah Varcascj435Astrology
Frances Hodgson BurnettKathy Rogerscj438Interpretation
The Zero Point of the HoroscopeLouise Hubercj4310AP
Our Legacy: An indication of our inner motivation?Kathy Rogerscj4311AP
Counselling; Some ReflectionsJane Brookscj4312AP
Go Away Big MonstersKathy Crabbcj4315Practice
Age Progression & Getting OlderRichard Llewellyncj427Practice
The Recorder in my House ChartElly Gibbscj428Practice
The Decorative in my Natal ChartSara Inkstercj4210Practice
Counselling; Some ReflectionsJane Brookscj4211AP
The Low Points – Crisis or CreationMaria Mawcj4213AP
The Meaning and Value of a Horoscope ReadingLouise Hubercj4214AP
Arriving in the 8th HouseHelen Lambertcj4215Practice
A View at the TopMaria Mawcj414Practice
Gala PerformanceElise Kennedycj415Practice
Astrological Counselling and the Three Levels of ConsciousnessJeremy Coopercj417AP
Condoleeza RiceCheshire Study Groupcj419Interpretation
Astrological Coaching?Maggie Jefferycj4114AP
Wassily Kandinsky: Colour, Shape and the Symphony of the SoulSue Lewiscj4115Interpretation
Aspect Patterns: The Efficiency TriangleCheshire Study Groupcj4118Practice
The Jupiter Learning CycleHelen Lambertcj404Practice
Confessions of a Failed PilgrimJoyce Hopewellcj408Practice
Astrology of the SoulDavid Kerrcj396Astrology
A Blossoming in AutumnKerstin Lindley-Jonescj397Practice
Hand in HandWill Parfittcj398Psych/Phil
Michael JacksonCheshire Study Groupcj3910Interpretation
In Search of FreedomMaria Mawcj3912Practice
Astrology and Sub-personalitiesRichard Llewellyncj387AP
Very Rich Indeed!Joyce Hopewellcj388Astrology
Standing inside my ChartKathy Rogerscj3812Practice
Gorby and MeBarry Hopewellcj3814Practice
A Journey through a House – from Cusp to CuspKathy Rogerscj3815AP
Time can FractureKathy Rogerscj373AP
Seasonal ChangeChristine Le Bleincj374Psych/Phil
My Reflections on Travelling through Pisces to AriesElly Gibbscj379Practice
Constellation – A powerful group processGhislaine Adamscj3711Practice
Very Rich Indeed!Joyce Hopewellcj3712Astrology
Manilius' Minor MeasureEd Gillamcj3713Astrology
The Celestial Star TableSue Seymourcj3714Practice
A Woman with DirectionBeatrix Braukmullercj364AP
Reflections on the inception, gestation and birth of the English Huber SchoolRichard Llewellyncj365AP
Saturn – My Strongest Ego PlanetGhislaine Adamscj367Practice
Absolute Bunkum!Barry Hopewellcj367Psych/Phil
Sedna – New Planet?Joyce Hopewellcj368Astrology
Astrology and MeManuela Toggnachinicj369Practice
The Language of Astrology in Personal GrowthKathy Oldhamcj3611AP
The New API(UK) AssociationRichard Llewellyncj353AP
Horizontal or VerticalRichard Llewellyncj354AP
The House Chart ReconsideredDavid Kerrcj355AP
Astrological Counselling and the Five Levels of Human ExistenceJeremy Coopercj359AP
My Green and Red StarElly Gibbscj3511Practice
Rediscovering AstrologyThomas Moorecj3511Astrology
Chart StructureRichard Llewellyncj24-345AP
Vertical or HorizontalRichard Llewellyncj24-346AP
Colour BalanceRichard Llewellyncj24-348AP
Have you ever wondered?Richard Llewellyncj24-349AP
Saturn as Mother? Rubbish!Richard Llewellyncj24-3410AP
Where in the World are you?Joyce Hopewellcj24-3411AP
The School of Cosmic EnergyKamini Shethcj24-3412Practice
A Biophysical View of AstrologyMaria Mawcj24-3416Practice
Yoga & Astrological MeditationAndrea Buonaccorscj24-3417Practice
The Signs of the Zodiac & The Labours of the Month in the Middle AgesChrista Henselcj24-3418Astrology
Why Astrology is a ScienceBarry Hopewellcj24-3421Astrology
A Transpersonal Perspective on the events of 11th September 2001Sue Cameroncj24-3422Practice
The Four Fold WayJoyce Hopewellcj24-3424Psych/Phil
Chart Images - Clouds in the Sky?Joyce Hopewellcj24-3426AP
Discovering the NodeDavid Kerrcj24-3429AP
Chiron - and why we don’t use it!Joyce Hopewellcj24-3430AP
“How Dark is your Veil?”Richard Llewellyncj24-3431AP
A View on Astrological CounsellingGhislaine Adamscj24-3432AP
The Promised LandBarry Hopewellcj24-3434Interpretation
What you need to know about Time!Reynold Swallowcj24-3437Astrology
Integrated Ego Planets in the Natal ChartRichard Llewellyncj24-3438AP
Aspect Patterns in ActionSally Bondcj24-3440Practice
Realisations about Neptune and NodeJane Kerrcj24-3442Practice
Going to SantiagoBarry Hopewellcj24-3445Practice
Profile of a Cancerian HealerSue Lewiscj24-3446Interpretation
I have a DreamBarry Hopewellcj24-3448Interpretation
The CollectiveBruno Hubercj24-3451AP
The Projection TriangleLouise Hubercj24-3453AP
Bruno Huber - Psychologist & AstrologerWolfhard Konigcj24-3457AP
Four-Dimensional Aspect InterpretationLouise Hubercj24-3459AP
Birth Time ImprintingLouise Hubercj24-3464AP
An Organic look at the Birth ChartRichard Llewellyncj12-236AP
Living in Times of Great ChangeJoyce Hopewellcj12-237AP
PowerAngela Houghtoncj12-239Psych/Phil
Pluto in SagittariusJoyce Hopewellcj12-2311Astrology
The Land of Green Magic or Neptune’s GiftWendy Oakcj12-2312Practice
Science, Religion and the New AgeBarry Hopewellcj12-2313Psych/Phil
Global PsychosynthesisRichard Llewellyncj12-2314Psych/Phil
Some Thoughts on the 5 Levels of the ChartJoyce Hopewellcj12-2317AP
Red Stars and MicroscopesSue Cameroncj12-2318AP
SusannahRichard Llewellyncj12-2319Interpretation
ConjunctionJaki Rotherycj12-2321Astrology
An Organic Look at one aspect of FireRichard Llewellyncj12-2325Astrology
Working with the House ChartJoyce Hopewellcj12-2326AP
SandraJoyce Hopewellcj12-2328Interpretation
Clicks - The Nodal Chart, Partnerships, Click Charts & Bridge Clicks Page 31Jane Brooks, Janet Lennox & Jackie Tweddlecj12-2331AP
What Astrology mean to meNascita Williamscj12-2333Practice
Some Ongoing Insights into my Unaspected Jupiter Page 34Sue Seymourcj12-2334Practice
A Step towards the NodeSheila Smithcj12-2336Practice
My Bathtub Pattern - A Personal ViewElisabeth Heathcotecj12-2338Practice
My Moon in Cancer in the 9th HouseJeremy Coopercj12-2339Practice
The CakeCathy Birchcj12-2341Practice
The Man in the Moon....or the Moon in ManBruno Hubercj12-2343AP
Astrology of the Moon’s Nodes - The Inner Guide to our EvolutionBruno & Louise Hubercj12-2347AP
The Moon’s Node in the Twelve HousesLouise Hubercj12-2349AP
The Galactic Centre and the Great YearBruno Hubercj12-2350AP
Some New Aspect QuadrilateralsMichael Hubercj12-2352AP
Face to Face: A Quantum LeapCaroline Buckcj12-2357Practice
Being at Face to FaceGeorge Kavvourascj12-2359Practice
A Brief History of the English Huber SchoolJoyce Hopewellcj12-2360AP

Conjunction Index – Reviews

If you need to see any of the articles or issues of Conjunction, contact the webmaster for a copy of the pdf.

Book TitleBook AuthorIssuePage/LinkReview AuthorType
Piercing the EggshellBarry & Joyce Hopewellcj7432Caroline AdlestoneAP
The Magic of PsychosynthesisWill Parfittblog
Joyce HopewellPsych/Phil
Astrological Psychology: The Huber MethodEd Barry Hopewellcj7017Trish CrawfordAP
Goddesses in Older WomenJean Shinoda Bolencj7019Caroline AdlestonePsych/Phil
The Cosmic Egg TimerJoyce Hopewell & Richard Llewellynblog
Mark DouglasAP
The Cosmic Egg TimerJoyce Hopewell & Richard Llewellynblog
Shaun Craik-HoranAP
Goddesses in Every WomanJean Shinoda Bolencj6934Wanda SmitPsych/Phil
Three recent publications on Jung's engagement with AstrologyVariouscj6937Sue LewisPsych/Phil

John Grovecj6823Marilyn BurnettAP
Life Passages: When AP Aspects and Dreams Coincide
One Cosmic Day (ebook)Wanda Smitcj6825Andrei AndradaAP
Beyond the RobotColin Wilsonblog
Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Meetings with Amazing PeopleWill Parfittblog
Joyce HopewellPsych/Phil
Foundation Astrology (ebook)Ed Barry Hopewellblog


Ed Barry Hopewellblog
Trish CrawfordAP
Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method
Fish Can't Climb TreesHelyn Connerrblog
Iris SchencksPsych/Phil
The Secret Teachers of the Western WorldGary Lachmancj6625Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Freedom in JailRoberto Assagiolicj6626Sue LewisPsych/Phil
The Soul of PsychosynthesisKenneth Sorensencj6628Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Children of the UniverseJoyce Stablefordcj6629Ghislaine AdamsAstrology
Leo Rising: The story of the Astrological Lodge of LondonKim FarnellblogLeoSue LewisAstrology
Astrological Psychology, Western Esotericism and the TranspersonalSue LewisblogStudTatyana CaidheannAP
Psicologia Astrologica: Bases practicas del metodo HuberRosa Solé GubianesblogSpanSue LewisAP
Falling UpwardRichard RohrblogFallBarry HopewellPsych/Phil
Astrological Psychology, Western Esotericism and the TranspersonalSue Lewiscj6325Joyce HopewellAP

& Ghislaine Adams
Your Inner WillPiero Ferrucicj6327Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Dreams and Astrological PsychologyJohn D. Grovecj6220Sue LewisAP
Inside the Cosmic MindPhoebe Wysscj6222Sue LewisAstrology
The Dream of the CosmosAnn Baringcj6224Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Cosmos, Chaosmos and AstrologyBernadette Bradycj6226Sue LewisAstrology
Desire and DesignMary Jane Staudenmanncj6119Joyce HopewellAstrology
Shine ForthWilliam Meadercj6119Ghislaine AdamsPsych/Phil
The Examined LifeStephen Groszcj6120Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
Transpersonal AstrologyEd Armand Diaz et alcj6021Sue LewisAstrology
From Symbol to SubstanceRichard Swattoncj6021Ghislaine AdamsAstrology
Astrology, the New GenerationEd Demetriius Bagley & Nan Gearycj6023Sue LewisAstrology
Power vs ForceDavid R. Hawkinscj6024Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
Using Age ProgressionJoyce Hopewellcj5924Marilyn BurnettAP
A Way of BeingCarl Rogerscj5925Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
We've had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy and the World's getting worseJames Hillmancj5827Joyce HopewellPsych/Phil
Getting to the Heart of your ChartFrank Cliffordcj5828Kathy RogersAstrology
Using Astrology to create a Vocational ProfileFaye Cossarcj5829Ghislaine AdamsAstrology
Shine ForthWilliam Meadercj5830Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Kabbalah and the Power of DreamingCatherine Shainbergcj5830Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Reading the Red BookSanford L. Drobcj5832Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Kabbalistic VisionsSanford L. Drobcj5833Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Entangled MindsDean Radincj5834Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
Living DeeplyMarilyn Schlitzcj5834Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
Understanding Karmic ComplexesPatricia L. Walshcj5723Ghislaine AdamsAstrology
Rewiring the SoulGabriella Kortschcj5724Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
Magi and MaggidimLiz Greenecj5725Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Madame BlavatskyGary Lachmanncj5726Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern WestNicholas Campioncj5727Sue LewisAstrology
Astrology and Cosmology in the World's ReligionsNicholas Campioncj5727Sue LewisAstrology
Integral AstrologyArmand Diazcj5628Barry HopewellAstrology
A Secret History of ConsciousnessGary Lachmanncj5629Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
The Other Side of VirtueBrendan Myerscj5630Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
New Pathways in PsychologyColin Wilsoncj5521Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
A Dangerous MethodDavid Cronenbergcj5522Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
The Power of Modern SpiritualityWilliam Bloomcj5523Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological PsychologyJoyce Hopewell & Richard Llewellyncj5423Trish CrawfordAP
Wisdom of the TranspersonalBarbara Somers & Ian Gordon-Browncj5424Hazel GuestPsych/Phil
The Dawning: Shedding New Light on the Astrological AgesTerry MacKinnellcj5425Barry HopewellAstrology
The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of EnquiryRupert Sheldrakecj5425Sue LewisPsych/Phil

& Barry Hopewell
Thinking, fast and slowDaniel Kahnemancj5426Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
The Selfish SocietySue Gerhardtcj5321Joyce HopewellPsych/Phil
The Archetypal CosmosKeiron Le Gricecj5322Barry HopewellAstrology
Chasing the SunRichard Cohencj5220Joyce HopewellAstrology
A History of Western Astrology, Vol IINicholas Campioncj5221Barry HopewellAstrology
The Astrological HousesBruno & Louise Hubercj5121Richard LlewellynAP
The Master and His EmissaryIain McGilchristcj5121Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
Aspect Patterns in ColourJoyce Hopewellcj5030Kathy RogersAP
Reclaiming VirtueJohn Bradshawcj5031Joyce & Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
Dane Rudhyar: His Music, Thought and ArtDeniz Ertancj4921Sue LewisAstrology
Sky & Psycheed Campion & Currycj4922Barry HopewellAstrology
The Red BookCarl Gustav Jungcj4923Sue LewisPsych/Phil
Kabbalah: The Tree of LifeWill Parfittcj4825Joyce HopewellPsych/Phil
The Astrology of TransformationDane Rudhyarcj4826Barry HopewellAstrology
Transformation: Astrology as a Spiritual PathBruno & Louise Hubercj4827Barry HopewellAP
Astrology, Magic and Alchemy in ArtMatilde Battistinicj4827Joyce HopewellAstrology
AstroLog II: Family, Relationships and HealthLouise Huber et alcj4721Sue LewisAP
CD: Astrology and the Seven RaysBruno & Louise Hubercj4722Elly GibbsAP
Karmic Click Charts*Wolfhard Konigcj4723David KerrAP
Psychosynthesis: New PerspectivesWill Parfittcj4724Joyce HopewellPsych/Phil
The Return of the Perennial PhilosophyJohn Holmancj4624Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
Does it Matter?Graham Dunstan Martincj4624Barry HopewellPsych/Phil
The Living Birth ChartJoyce Hopewellcj453Andy DuncanAP
Transformation: Astrology as a Spiritual PathBruno & Louise Hubercj453Sue LewisAP
New Levels of Interpretation in the Aspect PatternMichael Hubercj447Birger TornesAP
The History of Astrology*Bruno Hubercj434Helen LambertAstrology
Hercules' LaboursPhoebe Wysscj4313Richard LlewellynAstrology
AstroLog I: Life and MeaningBruno & Louise Huber et alcj4316Kathy RogersAP
The Development of Astrological Psychology*Bruno & Louise Hubercj425Helen LambertAP
Astrology and the Seven RaysBruno & Louise Hubercj4216Sue LewisAP
Cosmos and PsycheRichard Tarnascj4111David LorimerAstrology
Kabbalah for LifeWill Parfittcj4113Watkins ReviewPsych/Phil
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