Chart in Focus #6

Our fifth experiment has concluded. Here is the sixth experiment, which again depends on your comments for its success.

The chart below is submitted by J Angelita

4 January 1967, 1:25 A.M., Hamilton, Ohio (Butler County), USA


 Please post, as a comment, an initial outline interpretation at the very top level. This should be around 3-10 paragraphs with, for example:

  • What is your intuitive reaction to the chart overall – chart image, shaping, direction?
  • What key features might you expect to be of major significance for this person?
  • What sort of issues might be arising for the person at this point in their lives?

Others may comment on your interpretation, or produce their own.

The idea is to give us all a bit of practice and to give outsiders some idea of the astrological psychology interpretation process.

This is the last of the originally submitted charts. We may occasionally publish further examples if there is the demand.