Astrology as a Spiritual Path

by Bruno & Louise Huber

Transformation represents the culmination of many years of research and teaching in the life work of Bruno and Louise Huber. This is the last of the eight volumes on their system of astrological psychology to be fully translated into English.

From their researches the Hubers found that the causes of psychological problems are more often uncovered through the effort of spiritual development than through handling everyday conflicts. In this book they describe the related processes of transformation as natural stages in human development. This is concerned not only with the personal stages of development through life, but with the evolution of humanity and the whole universe.

Parts of this work have previously been published under the title Astrology and the Spiritual Path, the translation of an earlier book by the Hubers. The present volume includes significant new material, notably in the areas of Stress Planets, the House Chart, the Dynamic Quadrants, and the Integration Chart.


Paperback, 228 pages. First published in its present form by HopeWell in 2008; the earlier volume Astrology and the Spiritual Path contained some of this material.
ISBN: 978-0-9547680-8-9


Review by Sue Lewis

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