Moon Node Astrology

Moon Node Astrology

The Inner Compass of Evolution

by Bruno and Louise Huber

In Moon Node Astrology the Hubers combine psychological understanding with the concept of reincarnation, bringing a new astrological focus on the shadow personality and the evolutionary process of the individual.

In part 1 Bruno Huber explains the astronomical background and the psychological approach used with the Moon’s Nodes and the Nodal Chart. In part 2 Louise Huber covers the Nodes and Esotericism (similar to the ideas taught by Alice Bailey) and explains how earlier lives are shown in the aspect structure and positions of planets in the Nodal Chart.

The role of three charts in the individual’s evolutionary process is described, the Nodal Chart symbolising the past, the Natal Chart the present, and the House Chart the impetus from the environment for future development. Examples are given of using the three charts in consultation.

Essential material for all students of astrological psychology and the Huber Method!


Paperback, 256 pages. Published 2005 by HopeWell; first published in 1995.
ISBN: 978-0-9547680-3-4


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