Dreams and Astrological Psychology

Dreams and Astrological Psychology

Dreams and Astrological Psychology

The Way through the Maze of the Unconscious

by John D. Grove

John Grove has spent 40 years in a conventional professional environment of empirical psychotherapy. At the same time, he has pursued an interest in Jungian approaches to individuation, including dreamwork, integrating these where possible into his practice. His interest has also extended to the use of astrological techniques, in the form known as astrological psychology, which is generally not accepted by empirical colleagues.

In this book John reflects on how this personal dichotomy reflects the fundamental split in Western thought that is leading to today’s global crises. The subjective demands as much attention as the rational-objective dominant mindset. Individuation is as important as behavioural therapies. The unconscious parts of ourselves and their projections demand to be understood before we can become fully developed human beings.

With many examples, John shows how dreamwork and astrological psychology provide valuable twin tools to enable this process of personal integration.

He proposes to make us all our own psychologists for it is possible for anyone inclined to reflection to try to understand the puzzle of their own psychic existence.


Paperback, 128 pages. First published June 2014.
ISBN: 978-0-9558339-9-1
Also available on Amazon as ‘printable page format’ ebook, which provides for reading on Kindle Fire, Android, IOS and Windows devices.


Review by Sue Lewis

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