Astrology and the Seven Rays

Astrology and the Seven Rays

Astrology and the Seven Rays

by Bruno & Louise Huber

Linking astrology with the seven rays enables people to recognise their own deepest qualities. According to the ageless wisdom, the seven rays are cosmic streams of energy that pervade all life on earth. Astrology and the Seven Rays introduces the psychological application of the rays, giving insights that could not otherwise be obtained from the astrological chart.

Bruno Huber discovered a new method that can be used by both specialist and layman to determine the rays in the individual horoscope. This enables you to find your own personal ray combination and those of others.

Astrology and the Seven Rays opens up a new approach to esoteric psychology and esoteric astrology, and provides insight into the process of spiritual development.

Bruno and Louise Huber have taught a new dynamic direction of astrology for over thirty years, reflected in their series of eight books on astrological psychology. Their work was grounded in the esoteric teaching of Alice Bailey and in the psychosynthesis of Roberto Assagioli. They are founders of the internationally known Swiss school of astrological psychology in Zurich.

The text is an edited transcript of an inspirational seminar given by the Hubers in England in 1998, supplemented with some new material translated back from the subsequent German publication. It represents the fruit of a lifelong dedication to the synthesis of spiritual, psychological and astrological understanding.


Paperback, 216 pages. First published 2007.
ISBN: 978-0-9547680-6-5


Review by Sue Lewis

“One of the main aims of the seventh ray [is] to produce something that goes beyond the person who created it, that persists longer and can be used by others – this is very important.”(p58)

In the above quotation, Bruno was referring to the Age of Aquarius with its mission to support humanity superseding the call to martyrdom of the Piscean Age where “in those 2000 years there were monasteries, where mystical people were sacrificing themselves and their sexuality, suffering until they were so pure that they could get a place in heaven!” (p43)

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