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Editor’s Notes

Welcome to Conjunction Issue 67. We have a good selection of new articles in this issue.

Can we find evidence of introversion in the birth chart? Joyce Hopewell is inspired by her own Myers Briggs analysis and Susan Cain’s new book Quiet on the power of introverts, using the charts of Rosa Parks and Steve Wozniac as examples.

Ghislaine Adams and Andrei Andrada both reflect bravely on aspects of their own charts related to their lives, illustrating the power of astrological psychology in helping us to look at ourselves and our lives. Ghislaine considers the significance of her house chart and Andrei looks at her low point and stress planets.

This is followed by two pieces inspired by ‘arts’ in a much darker vein. John Grove speculates on parallels between Roman Polanski’s film Rosemary’s Baby and the life and death of Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate, her chart and dreams. Wanda Smit takes a look at the lives and charts of two artists obsessed by the concept of cruelty: Antonin Artaud and Jim Morrison.

We end on a much more positive note. In the early days of the English Huber School (which became APA) there were strong links with the UK Centre for Transpersonal Psychology. Sue Lewis recently came across a ‘lost’ interview with its co-founder Ian Gordon Brown from the early 1990s, with his reflections on transpersonal psychology.

Up to date news and features have appeared on the APA blog and @astpsy Twitter feed. In case you missed them, summaries of significant items are provided in the following.

News and Comment


Quiet  by Joyce Hopewell
Reflections on the meaning of the House Chart by Ghislaine Adams
Low Point & Stress planets in my chart by Andrei Andrada
Rosemary’s Baby by John Grove
Antonin Artaud and Jim Morrison. Daemons of Cruelty. by Wanda Smit
Approaching the Transpersonal by Ian Gordon Brown

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On the blog

A summary of posts that have appeared on the APA blog since Conjunction 66 was published.

Astrological psychology related:

Deities Wanted

Joyce Hopewell takes a lighthearted look at transpersonal qualities.

Some Thoughts on the House Chart

Joyce Hopewell considers the significance of the House Chart.

Dreams and Age Progression Research

John Grove seeks input to help his research relating dreams and age progression.

Study Related

Foundation Astrology

Due to demand, we have also made generally available the Foundation Course material, this time as a pdf ebook Foundation Astrology, which can be downloaded and printed.

Study Astrological Psychology

Announces the availability of the new book and new way of studying astrological psychology: Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method.

Changing delivery of APA courses

The APA trustees have concluded that the present method of delivery of the APA Foundation and Diploma courses is not sustainable. We will therefore cease to offer enrolment on our tutored Diploma and Foundation courses as from the end of 2016, with the special exception that current Foundation Course students may enrol on the Diploma Course at a later date by special arrangement with their tutor. APA will continue to issue Diplomas/Certificates to those successfully completing their course by end of 2019.

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Charts and Interpretation

Colette. The Venus of the Bell Epoque.

Wanda Smit looks at the chart and life of Colette.

George Michael. A Cowboy and an Angel

Wanda Smit looks at the chart and life of George Michael.

2017 and the echoes of 1933

Joyce Hopewell looks at the chart for the beginning of January 2017 and particularly the role of the transpersonal planets related to current global events. She considers astrological and political parallels between current times and 1933.

Marcel Proust. Remembrance of Things Planetary

Wanda Smit looks at the chart and life of French writer Marcel Proust.

Leonard Cohen: Canadian Poet and Priest

Wanda Smit looks at the life and chart of poet and singer Leonard Cohen.

Good Leaders are Scarce, so I’m following Myself.

Joyce Hopewell considers the importance of coming from the centre of the chart in current circumstances, with the rise of Brexit and Donald Trump.

Who is Donald Trump

Just before the US presidential election, Pamela Tyler took another look at the chart of contender Donald Trump.

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Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method (2017)

Trish Crawford reviews the new book of the above title, recently published by the publisher HopeWell.

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Highlights from @astpsy Tweets

These highlights, since Conjunction 66 was published, do not include references to blog items, full moon dates, promotional items or events that have already passed.

Congratulations and Thanks

Congratulations to AP (Scotland) on successfully completing Foundation Course “I”

Congratulations to Mark Oliver Douglas (Canada) on successfully completing APA Foundation Course ‘B’

Congratulations to Mila Ivanova on successfully completing Foundation Course “B”, with credit.

On behalf of all APA members, a big thank you to Elly Gibbs, for the many years you have offered software advice and sales

March/April 2017

Astrological Association Conference 8-10 Sept ‘The Importance of Astrology’ early bird booking:

Sophia Centre conference ‘The Talking Sky’ 1-2 Sept, Bath: – scholarships available to members of Astrological Asn

January/February 2017

‘Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method’ now available in stock from APA bookshop via Amazon UK marketplace

Note that Elly Gibbs is no longer offering software advice to members – contact Cathar software support at:

November/December 2016

Astrology and Science – are they in conflict? Blog post:

SEAC conference report from AA ‘in the loop’:

Catholic Churches Built Secret Astronomical Features Into Churches to Help Save Souls – – meridian lines

The closest moon to Earth in 70 years is tomorrow & Monday! For tips on how to photograph this :

Joyce has updated post first written in 2008 on Hilary Clinton:

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