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Editor’s Notes

Thanks to all for a good response to my request for contributions on significant aspects of ‘what astrological psychology means for me’. I hope you enjoy reading them.

In the News, Sue Lewis updates us on the AA conference, where Marilyn Burnett was a speaker. And on a more sober note you can read a statement from the APA Trustees on a change of direction for APA’s delivery of courses.

Articles include two translations by Heather Ross from recent issues of Astrolog – Louise Huber’s summary of the history of API, brought up to date by Bruno Landolt, plus a weighty assessment of Sigmund Freud 160 years on, his life and chart, by Wolfhard König. Wanda Smit completes her assessment of Picasso’s life and chart.

Sue Lewis has provided three interesting sounding book reviews, and Ghislaine Adams is rather disappointed by a book offered for review.


News and Comment

What astrological psychology means for me



See also Fish Can’t Climb Trees on the blog.

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On the blog

A summary of posts that have appeared on the APA blog since Conjunction 65 was published.

Astrological psychology related:

Nature, Numbers, Colours, and the Intensity Curve

Sue Lewis is inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show to reflect on links between nature and astrological psychology.

The golden mean is a key factor in the house intensity curve.

Saturn as Mother

Richard Llewellyn’s notes on this once contentious aspect of astrological psychology were first published in an early version of Conjunction.


Confessions of an American Huber Astrological Psychologist

John Grove reflects on current world affairs and the role of the outer planets,

from an astrological psychological perspective.

The Ego as Threefold Personality

This look at the three Personality or Ego Planets is from Bruno Huber’s book ‘Astrological Psychosynthesis’, first published in German in 1981.


Be Fearless

Joyce Hopewell considers the pitfalls of giving a talk on astrological psychology and the attitudes that may be encountered.

Be fearless – you know more than they do about it.

The Tyranny of Aesthetics

Wanda Smit considers the roles of Saturn and Venus in her chart and life, and how whe became aware of the possible Saturnian tyrant.


battersea_flower_station_2London Astrological Psychology Group

The London Astrological Psychology Group has been established for a number of years and meets in Battersea about once a month on Saturdays from 2-5pm.

This post is maintained with details of upcoming events.

Bruno Huber – a brief biography

This brief biography appeared in Astrolog, German language magazine of astrological psychology, in March 2016. A more detailed history of the Hubers, astrological psychology and the API school is in this issue of Conjunction.

Charts and interpretation:

Muhammad Ali

Sue Lewis looks at the chart of the great sportsman Muhammad Ali, who passed away on 3rd June 2016.

She includes discussion of the new dwarf planets in the chart.

The EU referendum: Do we stay or do we go?

Joyce Hopewell looks at the chart of the UK joining the EU, relating this to the upcoming Brexit referendum.

Indicators are there for a Brexit majority.

‘Brexit’ and the Outer Planets

Trish Crawford considers if the vote to take Britain out of the EU, is another expression of the base ego levels of the current Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.


Prague-MarionetteThe Brexit Brouhaha

Joyce Hopewell looks at the chart for the Brexit poll, and detects possible indicators of a manipulative puppeteer. Have the voters been hoodwinked in some way (Neptune), or scared (Saturn)?


Trump_CPAC_2011Donald J. Trump

A subjective analysis of the natal chart of the controversial Donald J. Trump by John Grove; some considerations using the theory of Astrological Psychology as applied through the Huber Method.

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fishcant_featureFish Can’t Climb Trees

Iris Schencks reviews Helyn Connerr’s  book on her Mercury Model™, whose premise is that everyone’s brain is wired differently and we can discover more about ‘our unique mental make-up’, by evaluating how ‘we each experience the mythic theme of the ancient god Mercury’.

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Highlights from @astpsy Tweets

These highlights, since Conjunction 65 was published, do not include references to blog items, full moon dates, promotional items or events that have already passed.

September/October 2016

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio – blog post

August 2016

Evolution’s purpose – great book by Steve McIntosh, a context for astrology?

Excellent summary of core concepts of Assagioli’s psychosynthesis.

Challenges of Brexit in consultation – interesting post from psychosynthesis perspective by Stacey Millichamp.

We are sorry to hear of the death of APA diplomate Birger Tornes (Norway) who died on 16 May at the age of 80.

Assagioli and Brexit – insightful post by Keith Silvester.

June/July 2016

Useful resource – Routledge papers on behavioural sciences

May 2016

Useful resource on psychology:

The Sculptor of Your Life via @cristen_rodgers – inspiring tweet for growth

APA founder Richard Llewellyn with Elly at Buckingham Palace today.

Wirral war veteran awarded the Legion d’Honneur – APA founder Richard Llewellyn

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