Workshop on the Aspect Level 25 July 2020

Now superseded by online workshop. Details here.

Three Huber astrologers will be running an experiential workshop on the aspect level of the birth chart for the Sundial House Group for Creative Meditation.  This Group was set up by Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, who encouraged the Hubers to develop Astrological Psychology and amongst their many books, is ‘Astrological Psychosynthesis’. The Hubers created a new astrology for the new civilisation and the new age.  Their method has been taught to tens of thousands of students, in English, German, Spanish and Swedish, and continues to flourish.

This workshop is designed to have wide appeal.  The primary focus will be on the aspect level of the chart and its visible pattern of consciousness and motivation, the key to understanding our true essence.  There will be an opportunity to look at this in relation to your own chart. There will also be a brief overview of other levels in the chart. The workshop is open to anyone who is curious to know more about Huber Astrology and the holistic principles on which it is based.  It is suitable for beginners but also for those with varying degrees of astrological and/or psychological knowledge.

Where and when

The workshop will be held on Saturday, 25th July 2020 at Etchingham Village Hall, E. Sussex.  Registration will be at 9.30 a.m. for a prompt 10 a.m. start until 4.30 p.m.  The workshop will cost £55, including refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch.  To register an interest and reserve a place contact      

Etchingham Village Hall


Etchingham Village Hall Parsonage Croft, Etchingham, East Sussex, TN19 7BY

Etchingham Station is nearby and has a direct line with London Charing Cross. Trains run frequently and take a little over 1 hr. The station is a short walk from the Village Hall.

If travelling by car, there is ample parking.


The Facilitators

Sue Cameron

Having received my diploma from the Hubers, I was a tutor with the English Huber School (now the Astrological Psychology Association,) from 1989 until 2003.  During that time I represented the school on the Advisory Panel for Astrological Education (, taught Huber astrology in Adult Education classes and was on the steering committee of the Sophia Trust ( Having studied with the Arcane School for many years, I continue to study the Alice Bailey books with a particular interest in the rays.  I have a first class honours degree in psychology. 

Toni Edwards

My association with SDH began in 2007 and I have just completed the Creative Meditation correspondence programme. During this time I served as a Mentor to students on the 3year programme, and have just started working as a group facilitator for the 10 year programme.

I have always been a seeker, interested in the processes that lie hidden behind apparent reality.  From childhood I had an interest in astrology, and in my 20s I was drawn more seriously to Eastern philosophy and the work of Alice Bailey. A profoundly helpful period of Psychosynthesis therapy in my 30s resulted in my discovery of Huber Psychological Astrology and this has remained my passion ever since.  I was awarded my Diploma in 2001 and subsequently became a participant in a research group with Sue Cameron and Geraldine Dayton; in particular, we have been developing the work the Hubers started on astrology and the Rays.

After my formal Astrological studies, it seemed a natural progression to study Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy and I have been working as a therapist for approaching 2 decades. 

Geraldine Dayton

I qualified in Astrological Psychology and Counselling in 1998 having completed the Diploma Course.  I am a member of Sundial House and have a particular interest in Creative Meditation and Alice Bailey.  The Rays, chakras, our health and how they relate to our individual charts are also of interest.