These testimonials from earlier students of the APA courses will give you an idea of the benefits of systematic study of astrological psychology, and the possible benefits of additional tutoring.

Diploma Graduate Feedback

“It has changed my life, it helped me know myself better, be kinder to myself and to be more accepting of the cycles in my life, the ebb and flow of energies. It has also helped hugely in my relationships, especially with my partner and my children and when the going is tough I can look at what’s happening in our charts and it almost always raises a smile, a sense of “oh I see now” and provides some options for getting through and seeing the positive.” HL, Manchester

“Studying for the Diploma with APA did help me grow and develop because I took my time and was able to assimilate things gradually. It was incredible how my chart reflected my life and allowed me to discover things that I may not have been consciously aware of. I studied mainly for personal interest, although it does help me to understand the motivations of family and friends, which increases understanding of their behaviour and leads to a more relaxed attitude and acceptance.” JB, Cheshire

“Studying the Diploma course has certainly helped me to understand difficulties within my relationship with my partner; it has taught me how to put more direction into my life, how to follow my own personal goals and aspirations, and how to find a deeper meaning to life’s difficulties. Studying with APA has really given me deep insight into what makes people tick and this has been invaluable in understanding the dynamics of all my relationships especially within my own marriage and extended family. Family relationships can be very challenging at times and having this knowledge has really helped me to deal more effectively with conflicts and disagreements.” PS, Western Australia

“I have added the wonderful tool of Astrology to my psychotherapy practice both in individual work as well as in group work. I find that clients are often very interested in finding out what additional insights come from the astrology. It’s also helped me personally to understand myself as well as others around me and the different perspectives we come from, which makes it much easier to be compassionate towards us all.” K.L-J. Oxford

“From the feedback that I have had from clients, I have helped heal wounds that have been raw for many years, opened eyes which have been closed, been able to help clients move on, and many have come back for more help.” D.B. South Africa

Student Letters

“Several people have already remarked that the method I am learning must be ‘high calibre’ because they were impressed about what came out of their chart… much more in-depth than what they had experienced from astrologers so far, they said. So I want to pass on this compliment on the Huber method.”  A.M., Belgium

“I feel that over the years the Huber School/APA has given me so much and taken me on a course of personal growth and development that is beyond any measure of value …” K.R., Manchester

“I’m really pleased to have passed the Diploma Course. I’ve really enjoyed it. I spent a lot of time assimilating the material and being honest with myself about myself. Because of this, I know myself better now than I’ve ever done, and because of it, I have had opportunities to manifest change.”  J.W., Lancashire

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Course so far, expanding my mind and awareness and most of all, seeing how the energies in my chart work.”  B.E., Cheshire

“The Course material is very well presented, illustrated and explained. I particularly like the way that material is initially presented in just a simple way – later it is revisited with more detail, so that one can build on past lessons.”  T.D., South Wales

“A good experience of correspondence learning and excellent tutoring.”  N.J., Ireland

“This learning has tied in with knowledge and experience of both healing and counselling, and supports and expands my work.”  J.P., Cheshire

“I am impressed with the speed at which my assignments are returned. I always receive them back a few days after they are sent. I find the feedback positive and encouraging and any questions I have are answered. I also receive helpful comments and observations about the topics I have covered. I am enjoying the course very much and am impressed by the standard of tuition.”  B.B., Cornwall

“Astrological psychology has helped me to understand, accept and allow family and friends more completely, instead of trying to change them to suit my needs.”  J.C., Devon

“Everything I have learned and studied, be it astrology or therapy, led me further on the way of self-understanding and self-development.”  J.K. Norway

“In studying the diploma course I found that not only was I learning about the fascinating subject of Astrology, I was also discovering myself at a deeper level… that opened up my mind, therefore my world. As a consequence I started to see myself, others and the world with fresh insight and which as given me a greater sense of security and belonging. The chart brings light and further understanding to any life and situation and I am so extremely grateful as I feel I can help others as well as learning more with every chart I do.” L.T., Lancashire

“What I have learned has been a brilliant language, model and framework in which to describe what I have learned, especially to lay people. Probably the most important models for me have been the psychological progression of the age point – just knowing where someone is psychologically in their life by their age.”  M.M., Cheshire

“Personally, this area of study has been an enormous support during difficult years. Together with psychosynthesis it’s given me a totally different perspective on my own growth at all levels and helped me maintain a sense of meaning and purpose.”  M.J., Gloucestershire

Students Say

“I feel thrilled and grateful about Huber Astrology, the Astrological Psychology Institute and its tutors, and where doing this Course has led me”

“The Course Manuals are excellent. Information is laid out in a very easy-to-understand format – certainly better than anything I’ve attempted in the past”

“My tutor was absolutely first class. Any query was immediately dealt with, and in a way which I could understand”

“My assignments were returned promptly, helpful comments were provided and all my questions were answered”

“I consider myself lucky to have found such a School”

“Just wonderful, and almost out of this world. I had no idea studying astrology with the Astrological Psychology Institute would open such opportunities for transformation within ourselves”