Who is Donald Trump?

Post by Pamela Tyler

With the presidential election almost upon us, Pamela Tyler takes another look at the chart of contender Donald Trump.

Caveat readers,

Insofar as Donald Trump literally gives me night mares, I have adopted this artificial structure for reviewing his horoscope in the hopes of preserving some objectivity in its analysis.

  1. Trump’s vertical chart along the 4/10 axis emphasizes an ambitious, goal oriented temperament disinclined to partner with anyone via diplomacy or collegial relationships.
  1. The “I” side is magnified by having 90% of planets occupying Eastern hemisphere with Mars dominating the AC and the Sun-Uranus-Moon opposition blockading 7th house ‘outsider’s from penetrating his space.
14 June 1946, 10:54, Jamaica, NY, USA (Rating AA *)
14 June 1946, 10:54, Jamaica, NY, USA (Rating AA *)
  1. Trump’s technically 4 sided aspect structure appears eclipsed by the more obvious 3 sided structure. Although security is an underlying motivation, growth and change govern his surface reality. The presence of three individual structures within the larger pattern: Ambivalence (Red/blue aspects Sun-Uranus-Moon-Jupiter), Scalpel [= Irritation triangle] (Red/green aspects Sun-Uranus-Moon-Venus-Saturn) and the Seeker [= Search triangle] (Blue/Green aspects Venus- Saturn- Moon – Mars) pinpoint a hard wired ‘alert’ system operating in an emotionally charged atmosphere plagued by irritability, resistance to criticism, and an escapist tendency to deny the underlying tensions. [Note that the combined Irritation/Search Triangles produce the Megaphone figure of Aspect Pattern Astrology – Ed.] Since the Ego planets (Sun-Moon-Saturn) form part of the scalpel, Trump routinely finds himself in attack or counter attack mode. The Sun-Moon Jupiter blue aspects soften the competitive environment by providing ample resources to recoup in luxury.
  1. The singular linear aspect (weak Red/Green Mercury- Neptune-Pluto aspects) amplifies Trump’s difficulty focusing, his inability to provide or retain accurate information and a tendency to muddy or embellish the truth. Trump University is presently being sued for fraud based on false promises made to students.
  1. The seeker figure ( Blue/Green Moon-Venus-Saturn-Mars) identifies loaded issues concerning his dealings with men and women. Trump’s perfectionist streak regarding physical form and his rejection of anything less than ideal surfaces in disparaging comments made about women and those with physical disabilities. There is also a struggle for possession and control of women. Trump asserts that star status privileges him to grope women without consent and to walk unimpeded through beauty pageant dressing rooms. This same configuration drives Trump’s resort/construction business. He builds expensive hotels ahead of time and under budget but quickly chooses bankruptcy and tax loopholes when expectations are dashed.
  1. Signs: The fiery entrepreneurial gambler spirit thrives on risk, new opportunities, and the chance to score big. Trump’s earth void makes reality checks and hard facts difficult to accept.
  1. Houses: Seven planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus) occupy the Low point to Shadow spaces in the houses. Planets on low point and in the shadow thrive on the interior if allowed to do so. But it takes a significant work to befriend the planet’s faith offering. Outer manifestation takes enormous energy and patience to connect effectively with the outer world. Meanwhile, depending on which planets fall there, this internal cauldron can breed insecurity, rage, frustration, resentment and a sense of being profoundly misunderstood. The shadow planet closest to the surface (cusp) typically acts impulsively rather than adopting a strategic plan. Trump’s Mars in Leo shadows the ascendant. He has stated publicly that he will never warn the enemy of an impending attack.
  1. Mercury on cusp in Cancer. Trump is not an orator. He tweets provocative sound bites after midnight. In debate or formal interview, he lacks substance, coherence or relevance. If he is not on a ‘rant’ about the press or his political opponents or the Chinese, Mexicans, and Muslims, he is unapologetically promoting the Trump brand or praising his wife and children. Note that his campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again” is apt given his Mercury conjunction to the US Chart’s Sun-Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in Cancer.
  1. I-Thou Axes. The (Sun Uranus Moon) 4-10th house opposition forms a solid divide between the I (self) and You (others). Trump resists uninvited guests entering his world. The only people with instant access are family (Moon in 4th) The rest must have a high business profile, (4-10 axis) share his racial and ethnic background , speak the same language (9-3 axis), belong to ‘his’ social golf country clubs,share similar values and income (11-2 axis) and convey a strong physical persona. (12-1) . Trump’s controversial immigration plan to build a ‘wall’ between the US and Mexico finds visible expression in his horoscope’s palpable iron curtain.
  1. Age Progression. Donald Trump’s AP is in the 12th house situated just beyond LP. When the AP enters the 12th house door (aka the closet) the reality of ageing, increasing physical vulnerability and unresolved life issues—especially the Achilles heel that has dogged us since childhood requires attention. The sign and planets occupying the 12th cusp define what kind of energy needs revitalization and what tools need re-fashioning for the life ahead. Given Trump’s aversion to personal reflection, the 12th house Leo cusp ruler Sun in the 10th and Mars-Pluto in Leo in the 12th means confrontation will occur in the public arena. Here’s a few key words that are already shaping this encounter. Power, Pride, Ego, Leadership style, Father/Husband Role, Drama, Secrets, Fear of Corrupt systems and unknown conspirators working against him.