What is a Cosmic Egg Timer?

Post by Barry Hopewell

The publisher HopeWell has just published the third edition of the book The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological Psychology. This is generally considered to provide the best introduction to this subject, and now has full colour illustrations. But note that, as the editor I’m biased.

I hear some of you say “what on earth is a Cosmic Egg Timer, and why is it so-called?”

The Cosmic bit is fairly obvious. Astrology relates our lives to the heavens, in accord with both the ancient wisdom and modern science, in that both understand that all is interconnected.

The Egg is the model of the psyche devised by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, the founder of the transpersonal psychology known as psychosynthesis.

So astrological psychology is about relating the individual psyche to the cosmos, as a tool to help us to understand ourselves and thus to grow into our potential.

The third element of the title, the Timer relates to the major feature of astrological psychology that enables us to understand what is happening in terms of these interactions at particular times of our lives (the Life Clock). What is going on for us right now?

So there you have it: The Cosmic Egg Timer. Sorry it’s a bit abstruse, but the subtitle says precisely what is in the book!