Using the APA Blog

Like myself, many APA members or visitors to the site may not be familiar with the ways in which you can use a blog.

Finding new Posts

Simplest, you can just visit the APA website from time to time and see if there are new entries on the blog.

We will also sometimes email all APA members to inform them about particular posts.

We will always tweet on the @astpsy channel when a new post is put up. If on Twitter, you will easily be able to see these. Of course, you can also see the window of the latest @astpsy tweets on most pages of the APA website.

Alternatively, you can set up an ‘RSS feed’ in your email programme, browser or any ‘feed aggregator’, which will automatically inform you when new posts appear, just like email. For example, to create a feed account on Thunderbird, go to ‘Activity Manager’ ‘New Message’ ‘Feed Account’. The address to use for the feed is  You could also click on this link and set up your feed from there.

Commenting on posts

At the end of a post you will see a box entitled ‘Leave a Comment’.  Simply type in your comment and send it via the ‘Comment’ button at the bottom.

We will check out the comments from time to time and remove any that are considered inappropriate or offensive.

Creating your own posts

APA members are encouraged to write their own blog entries related to astrological psychology.

To submit your own post for the APA blog, create your text and email it to, together with any illustrative images.