Theresa May

Post by Joyce Hopewell

It’s impossible to find the birth time of the inscrutable Mrs May, so her chart is set up for noon. Don’t expect this time to be correct; all that can be done is to take a look at what is there using the noon chart and make some comments.

1/10/1956, Eastbourne

I’ve been observing our Prime Minister rather a lot of late, both before she announced the snap general election for the UK, and most certainly since that announcement. She seems to have become increasingly reluctant to give much away when questioned by the media, but then perhaps we should all have seen this coming since her “Brexit means Brexit” statement, early on in her role as PM, didn’t give much away either. She’s certainly not saying much of substance about anything apart from repeatedly reminding the electorate, on an ongoing basis, that she is the leader we all want/need. Her modus operandi in all areas seems to be to play her cards very close to her chest.

Magic Cap

Take a look at her chart. The aspect structure is small and squashed tightly into one area, forming a Magic Cap aspect pattern. If only we had her time of birth we’d know which area of her chart this pattern dominates, but suffice it to say that the effect of having a Magic Cap in the chart is to make the wearer invisible. Or inscrutable. Or prone to playing their cards close to their chest. The person themselves is an unknown quantity, perhaps even to themselves. They are reluctant to talk about themselves and can’t be pinned down. The Hubers describe those with a Magic Cap as being “..a selfless server, who no one can pin down”. May has, indeed, been in politics for a long time and politics could be described as a form of service. May has quietly worked her way up through the ranks, and although not especially popular as Home Secretary, she hung on to that job for six years.

Before searching for her data, I’d speculated on the position of Saturn in her chart. She clearly likes to be in control and physically she is stiff, sometimes awkward and slightly stooped (as are some tall people who seek to offset their height by trying to lower it). What is known about her health (Saturn relating to the body) is that she has diabetes, so will have a regular, timed routine (again, Saturn) to ensure her health and well-being throughout the day.

Saturn, a pinning planet in her Magic Cap, is weak by sign in Scorpio and conjunct the Moon’s North Node. With the North Node a part of the Magic Cap, a figure which leaves a large area of the chart untenanted, it’s likely that she ignores the balancing effect of the South Node. Not knowing which house axis the Nodes are on, one can only assume that she is more comfortable with the North Node area of her chart/life, and wouldn’t touch the South Node area with a bargepole! I leave it to the reader to speculate on which axis the Nodes might be on.

The other pinning planets in the Magic Cap are worth considering in the context of the invisibility associated with this figure and May’s tendency to play her cards close to her chest. Both Neptune and Mercury on the outer edge, closer to the outside world and receive the green/blue aspects; there are no red aspects to pep them up. The focus of the three red square aspects her Magic Cap contains is on the Saturn/Node conjunction and the Moon/Pluto/Venus conjunction. Much might be speculated upon here. Saturn speaks of safety and, dare I mention it, the mantra she is repeating at all times regarding strength and stability (both Saturnian words) alongside claims that anything other than assuring her leadership would be “chaos” (Saturn dislikes such things, backed up by Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo).

Let’s return to the Moon/Pluto/Venus conjunction. I’d like to see how her chart would look with a birth time in order to see how the Family Model and House Chart might have operated as she grew up. As an only child she’s likely to have felt and been all-important; with Pluto rubbing shoulders with her Moon she could also have been determined, bossy, not suffering fools gladly and potentially ruthless. Some of these traits can be observed now.

Astrology aside, she’s a very smart dresser and has long been known for her rather snazzy taste in shoes – leopard print with kitten heels being one of her favoured styles. Since she became PM she’s made chunky necklaces and bracelets her trademark look, and is always well-groomed. Yet should I be saying “astrology aside” here? Venus is involved in her powered-up Moon conjunction and it’s well-known that people (like the electorate) are impressed by first impressions of how others appear.

More thoughts and speculation on the chart are welcome – these are my initial responses and my take on what I can see and what I observe in May’s behaviour.

Birth data from AstroDatabank

For more on the Magic Cap, see ‘Aspect Patterns in Colour’ by Joyce Hopewell