The Treasure in your South Node

Post by Linda Tinsley

The Nodal Axis is a very important part of your Birth Chart because it gives insights into your past and future.   Although the North Node points to new growth, challenges and possibilities, the South Node can hold a lot of your natural talents and abilities. The South Node shows by the house placement the area of life with which you are most familiar. The sign gives information about our innate traits.

The South Node can also be our safe haven; somewhere to where we naturally retreat or resonate toward. To stay in your safety mode offers nothing but stagnation and complacency, however, we all need a harbour to anchor into.

The South Node stores a lot of our past attitudes, beliefs and abilities that you need to become more aware of. There will be a lot of skills and talents tied up in this Node, which can be useful to you.    It is true when balanced with your North Node they will be more positively expressed; however, realizing you have these assets could encourage you to develop them further.

The North Node often acts like a magnet that attracts opportunity and other people into your life.

The South Node is often overlooked in favour of the North Node, which is understandable, because of this Node’s promise for growth and self-development.

However, a deeper look and assessment of your South Node can be revealing. This is like going down into the cellar and finding an old case full of interesting stuff that you had forgotten.  It could bring up old memories; give greater understanding of both your innate qualities and talents.

A way to find out more about your South Node is to blend house and sign together Look at the elements and modes; are they in harmony or at cross purposes ? I know this is mixing levels, but we are dealing with sub-conscious issues, and doing this can and does help in gaining more insight. Adding the South Node to the chart and drawing in the aspects, can also give clues of your innate patterns. The task is to help you get more in touch with this Node. Therefore play around with this; you will be at surprised what it can reveal!