The Significance of the Heart

We are delighted to help our friends at Sundial House publicise their creative meditation on The Significance of the Heart. The group will be offering a diverse programme where attendees can explore understanding of this Way of working with the Self. During the day attendees will be engaged with experiencing a medley of applied psychosynthesis, creative meditation along with the unique contribution of Sundial’s own wisdom.

Artwork © Nina O’Connell

A Sundial House Group for Creative Meditation

The Significance of the Heart

Saturday 26th June 2021

An On-Line One Day Event

We are delighted to extend this invitation to those of you who are curious to learn more about the Significance of the Heart. For we are aware that in our current times the world is calling out for Heart and only too often humankind is responding with a mind ungraced by wisdom.

So let us meet in this one-day online event to experience together the wonder and delight of the language of the heart as it opens to the Oneness of everything. We will encounter through meditation, experiential exercises, dialoguing and discussion a recognition and realisation of the qualities of the heart. These fiery and subtle qualities are the necessary requirements needed for the building of the New World in the present and for the future.

The event will be focalised by Janet Derwent, Mayte Gomez, Susan Green and Savina Miller. We will begin registering from 9.15am UK [BST] for a prompt 9.30am start and will end around 4.00pm
This event is offered by The Sundial House Group for Creative Meditation as it works with the Gift Economy. We therefore invite you to make your donation based on what your heart suggests, but please do not allow your wish to participate be limited by economic factors. Donations can be made via the DONATE page on the Group website:

Please book now to reserve a place. All are welcome

The Sundial House Group for Creative Meditation

‘Signs from the Soul come silently, as silently as the sun enters the darkened world and we must still ourselves and listen so that we do not miss too much.’

Djwhal Khul Tibetan Teacher & Master