The Meaning and Value of a Horoscope Reading

Louise Huber
Louise Huber

What is the purpose of an astrological-psychological consultation, and what can you expect from it? This is an edited version of an article by Louise Huber, which was first published in the German-language magazine ‘Astrolog’ Issue 60, February 1991, and can now be found in the book ‘Astrolog 1: Life and Meaning’.

An astrological-psychological reading is a fascinating new way to find the path to our inner selves. Using a personal horoscope, and with the aid of newly-developed psychological interpretation methods, it is possible to get to the root of individual problems, a result that test psychologists only achieve after many sessions. The individual horoscope as a diagnostic pattern can be understood at a glance and problems quickly identified.

Methods of Psychosynthesis

In an astrological psychological consultation, methods of psychosynthesis are used in order to raise up deeper life issues, mental endeavours and spiritual motivation forces into the consciousness. Astrological synthesis enables both a differentiated understanding of the personality and the integration and reshaping of the whole person. The causality of human behaviour is understood at the root; psychological and spiritual contexts are revealed. This is relevant to the modern human condition.

Causes instead of Symptoms

Most people do not like being judged by their symptoms or their behaviour. They want to know why they react in one way and not in another. They want to be acknowledged and understood in their innermost being and to discover the deeper meaning of a problem. The searching for causes is a concern of our times and the principal objective of the astrological psychology reading.

Astrology is a valuable tool for Self-Help

In an astrological psychology reading, the personal horoscope is experienced as a mirror to the self and provides a new sense of identity, a certainty that one really exists. The integration of cosmic laws leads to a higher mental and emotional dimension. One gains a new attitude towards many things, and difficulties and conflicts take on their correct proportion.One achieves the necessary perspective and therefore a greater objectivity and power of judgement. The causes of problems in choosing a career, bringing up children, in marriage and partnership as well as one’s own spiritual development are related to the character as a whole.

Horoscope Reading as a Process

A horoscope reading is a consultation process that aims to increase the person’s freedom and awaken their spiritual potential. Careful and discreet personal questions and the corresponding life issues are addressed using the individual horoscope. The psychologically trained astrologer does not just direct the person who confides in him, he treats him much more as a partner whom he leads through a process of self-discovery and creates the conversational atmosphere that encourages the client to open up. He aims for an overall understanding and psychosynthesis of the personality, for the activation of the client’s own developmental and constructive powers. He concentrates not on weaknesses and mistakes, but on strengths and abilities. Valuations like “good” and “bad” are strictly avoided. The concept of astrological psychology is based on a positive image of the individual person. It assumes that the person is healthy in the core of his being, that his inner potential can be awoken by approval and has a self-healing effect.

New Questions

Increasingly people are consulting astrologers to find answers to deeper life issues. With the help of the astrologer, they hope to find a meaning for their life, their true identity or their higher self. They want to get to the bottom of the meaning and purpose of their life, identify their karma and learn about their true vocation and the purpose of their incarnation. Others seek further spiritual development and are trying to change misguided ideas and behaviour patterns. A holistic and spiritually oriented horoscope reading deals with the following questions:

“Who am I – where do I come from – where am I going?”

An astrological-psychological reading is therefore a tool that enables penetration deep into the core of the person’s own being. If we help ourselves with a sense of responsibility, we soon discover that we gain insights that lead to a comprehensive understanding of our existence that can be life-changing.


Featured image is an adapted version of that on the cover of the book ‘Astrolog I: Life and Meaning’.