The High and Mighties in a Face-off

The title of this very first post on our spanking new blog could refer to Uranus and Pluto, who edged into yet another exact square aspect on 21st April as they continue to reflect the the revolutionary changes taking place in the world. Alternatively, and possibly appropriately, this could also refer to the stand-off between Ukraine and Russia, and specifically the public statements on the situation made by Obama and Putin. This situation, at the time of writing, is ongoing.

On 21st April, Uranus and Pluto were exactly square and were part of a large Efficiency/Performance square. Uranus in Aries, along with Pluto in Capricorn, is never going to be an easy blend and over the next few years we can expect more of the same – several times over. In this instance where the square is formed, something somewhere needs to be done, to give, to be produced, and for there to be an outcome. It’s almost as if Mars in Libra, and opposite Uranus, is crying out for a diplomatic solution to the current tensions which draw in the European nations. Jupiter may bring wisdom and vision to the situation, but unaspected Neptune in Pisces is left out of the picture, a helpless onlooker maybe, or possibly the one on the sidelines who can be the advocate for sensitivity and compassion alongside the bellicose roaring.