The Authors: Richard Llewellyn

Richard Llewellyn answers Joyce Hopewell’s questionnaire, which aims to elicit what motivates people to write books about astrological psychology. Richard is co-author of the book The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological Psychology.

1) What inspired you to write this book?

Having worked with Bruno and Louise Huber whilst creating the teaching material for the School I came to appreciate the value to others of the work they were doing. When Joyce Hopewell suggested a book which introduced the work of Bruno & Louise in an easy to read format I was only too pleased to join in.

2) What did you enjoy about writing it?

Creating the original teaching Manuals was a long and comparatively hard task.  Having discovered the enthusiasm these generated in students it was a joy to be able to summarise some of the content of what we were teaching into words designed to reflect the enthusiasm I felt for what the School was making available to others.

3) What – if anything – surprised you in the writing process? 

Since most of the work had already been done it was fun to be able to think of ways it would appeal to others who might be interested.

4) What was challenging?

In the first place recreating the Huber’s work which was in German into a correspondence Course for English speaking students.

5) What did you enjoy most?

See 2) above

6) What did you learn about yourself in writing this book?

A better understanding of the Hubers’ approach to the Psychological aspects of astrology and how this related to me and what I was doing at the time.

7) What new insights did you gain about astrological psychology?

See 6) above

8) What impact would you like this book to have?

To encourage anybody who was drawn towards astrology to understand one of, and to me the most important, uses of astrology. To understand ourselves at an in depth level and to be able to make the most of the many talents, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual with which we are born, allows an individual the freedom to make the most of their lives.

9) What are you working on now?

Staying alive! [Richard is now 93!]