Thanks to all involved in The English Huber School

Bruno & Louise Huber began teaching their wonderful new system of astrological psychology in the 1960s in Zürich, initially in the form of seminars and later as formal courses. All the teachings were originally in German and a large following of students was soon established. Over subsequent years a series of books began to appear, and the Hubers became known internationally, giving talks at international conferences.

1999 Pam, Richard

Two English-speaking astrologers, Englishman Richard Llewellyn and American Pam Tyler, became enthused by the approach and were inspired to establish an English Huber School in 1983, to make available these teachings in the English-speaking world.

With enormous energy, Richard created correspondence courses that became the Diploma and Foundation Courses, and established the formalities of an English Huber School (Astrological Psychology Institute UK), a pool of tutors, a newsletter and an administrative system. Richard was Principal of the school until in 1991 he passed on the business to a new Principal Joyce Hopewell, with Richard remaining as Principal Emeritus.

1997 Adliswil: Bruno, Louise, Richard and Joyce

The school continued to operate much as before until 2003, when the Astrological Psychology Association was established. Joyce became Principal Emeritus, and the courses and tutor pool were organised by a Course Administrator – first David Kerr and later Ghislaine Adams. Around the same time, the HopeWell publisher was established by Barry & Joyce Hopewell and the full range of Huber books were gradually made available in English, plus further books by Joyce and others.

More recently, it became clear that the number of formal students was declining, bringing into question the future sustainability of the School. It was decided to publish the courses for self-study, stop new enrolments and make tutoring available on a flexible freelance basis. The final Diplomas were awarded at the beginning of 2020. As a Diploma-awarding body, the School had reached the end of its lifecycle, but the teachings and Huber astrology go on, now an accepted part of the rich mix of astrological approaches. Further development of this fascinating enterprise of exploration into the self is now in the hands of all of you who have been a part of it.

The Astrological Psychology Association will continue to provide a community of interest and related resources as long as there is the will to keep it going.


At this time it seems appropriate to simply recognise and record appreciation of the efforts of all who have been involved in what has been quite a large enterprise. Many have worked hard for small or no reward in the service of astrological psychology. Thanks to you all!

The Founders:

  • Richard Llewellyn
  • Pam Tyler

The Principals/ Emeriti:

  • Richard Llewellyn
  • Joyce Hopewell

The Course Administrators:

  • David Kerr
  • Ghislaine Adams

The Tutors: The above (except Pam) plus, in no particular order:

  • Alice Llewellyn
  • Val Burnham
  • Brian Vickery
  • Joan Swallow
  • Brenda Miller
  • Jonathan Powell
  • Maggie Lewis
  • Jaki Rothery
  • Sue Cameron
  • Yvonne Taylor
  • Diana Brandt
  • Jeremy Cooper
  • Iris Schenks
  • Deborah Maw
  • Trish Crawford
  • Sue Lewis
  • Linda O’Donoghue
  • Sue Seymour
  • Kathy Rogers
  • Nadja McDevitt
  • Nascita Williams
  • Sira Beaumayne
  • Caroline Buck
  • Donald Millar
  • Christa Hensel
  • Wendy Oak

And then there are all the others who have helped in various auxiliary roles. Many of the above, plus, in no particular order:

  • Barbara Byatt (Treasurer)
  • Sue Parker (Treasurer)
  • Reyn Swallow (Software)
  • Elly Gibbs (Software)
  • Colin Wilton (Website)
  • Jane Brooks (Website)
  • Barry Hopewell (Publications, Conjunction, Website)
  • Linda Tinsley (Bookshop)
  • Sara Inkster (Conjunction)
  • Caroline Adlestone (Conjunction)
  • Vicky Woodgate (Admin)
  • Annabel Burton (Admin)
  • Maggie Jeffery (Student rep)

Apologies if we missed you off. It is difficult to be sure that this is a complete list!


The featured image is part of the old Course Prospectus.