This page gives details of tutors for APA courses. Those indicated by ** are also willing to offer freelance tutoring to self-study students using the book ‘Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method’.


Ghislaine AdamsGhislaine Adams, Dip. API, Dip. Psychosynthesis, MNHRP, MAPAI. **
Woodbridge, Suffolk
tel: 01394 610104
mob: 07746 164438

I was born and educated in France. I came to England in 1973.

Astrology has always been part of my life. My mother taught me the little she knew about sun signs when I was very young. I then read extensively on the subject and thus gathered a body of knowledge that has given me a deep understanding of the field.

I was awarded the Dip. API in 1997 and have been a tutor since 2000. During this time I have run many introductory courses and workshops on Astrological Psychology.

I work as a therapist and have a private practice where I offer astrological counselling, integrative psychotherapy and spiritual mentoring. When face-to-face consultations are not practical for various reasons, I am happy to offer telephone consultations as an alternative.

An integral part of the Astrological model is the transpersonal dimension that encourages us to honour ourselves as spiritual beings in a physical form.


Trish CrawfordTrish Crawford,  Dip.API,  DCHyp.,  B.A., MSc. **
Cardiff, Wales
tel: 07975 721877

I was born in Kenya, E.Africa, and came to the U.K. in the mid-60’s. I gained degrees in Prehistoric Archaeology and Anthropology during the 1970’s.

Since my teenage years, I have been interested in astrology, but only much later decided to pursue it in a more structured way. The Huber Method attracted me particularly because of its strongly spiritual approach.

I qualified as a graduate of the Astrological Psychology Association, gaining my Diploma in 2006.

I also became interested in hypnotherapy, as a means to get beneath the conscious mind, and gained a Diploma in it in 2007. I work with clients in both the capacity of astrological counselling, and hypnotherapy, and aim to blend the two where appropriate.

As well as being a tutor for APA, I have been Membership Secretary since 2009.



IristutorIris Schencks. Dip API (UK). Adv.Dip Ed. Cert. Ed. **
Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes
Tel no. 01908 564045.

I was born and brought up in Whitley Bay, on the Northumbrian coast, but have spent most of my adult life working in London and Milton Keynes. I live in the small market town of Stony Stratford.

I have over 30 years experience as a teacher, senior manager and headteacher in Primary Education. Throughout my career I firmly believed in a ‘person centered’ approach which nurtured pupils’ intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development and helped them recognise and value their own unique talents and skills. I also had an ongoing interest in psychology and astrology so, when I was first introduced to the work of Bruno and Louise Huber in 1996, I immediately felt in tune with their approach.

Following retirement from teaching, I was able to further develop mentoring and counselling skills, while working with victims of serious crime, for Victim Support. Here I gained experience of working in depth with adults.

I was awarded the APA’s Diploma in Astrological Psychology in 2009 and since then have continued to read, attend courses and workshops, study charts and offer astrological consultations. I am also very interested in the esoteric dimension to astrology.

During my teaching career, I have worked mainly with groups so now having the time and opportunity, as APA course tutor, to teach and support students’ self development on a one-to-one basis feels like a great privilege. I look forward to working with new students.


Sue LewisSue Lewis, MA, Dip. API, DFAstrolS – Battersea, London SW11
First Floor Flat, 569 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 3BJ
Tel: 020 7738 9452
Mob: 07946 600304

I live in Battersea, London SW11, which is a bus ride from Victoria, Chelsea, Vauxhall and South Kensington and a 10-minute walk from Clapham Junction station.

The astrological chart has been my psychological map and guide to self-understanding for 35 years. Before I joined the Astrological Psychology Association in 1998, I took the Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. My first degree was in modern languages, and in the late 1980s I tutored Spanish astrology students taking the Faculty Certificate. I was awarded APA’s Diploma in 2003, have been a tutor for the school since 2005, and I am APA’s representative on the Advisory Panel for Astrological Education.

In the 1990s I researched the use of astrological symbolism in medieval Spanish literature and my paper on Juan de Mena’s Laberinto de Fortuna was published in 1999 in an academic series of Queen Mary, University of London.

In 1999, I completed a one-year introductory course in the skills and perspectives of Transpersonal Psychology. I am a member of the Transpersonal Perspectives group that meets four times a year for CPD. I am also a member of the Scientific and Medical Network and its Facebook on Cosmos and Consciousness.

In 2012, I achieved an MA in Western Esotericism at the University of Exeter, and I am now writing a book on the place of Huber Astrology in Western esotericism.

My London Group holds monthly meetings on Saturday afternoons. This gives me an opportunity to support local students and provides a forum for wider discussion and experiential work using astrology as a guide to personal growth and spiritual development.
Joyce HopewellPrincipal Emeritus
Joyce Hopewell B.A., Dip. API, Cert. Ed. Dip. Personal Psychosynthesis
Knutsford, Cheshire
tel: 01565-633829
web: joycehopewell.blogspot.com

I’m a qualified teacher and have worked with all age ranges from infants up to adult education. I’ve been studying and working with astrology since 1984, training first with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and then with the Astrological Psychology Association. I’ve been a tutor for APA, teaching the Huber Method, from 1987 – 2011. I headed the APA as Principal for 12 years and am now Principal Emeritus of the organisation.

I have extensive experience of working with clients and groups, and of teaching the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology throughout the UK, Europe, the US and Australia. I’ve been invited to speak on this subject at national and international conferences.

In addition to teaching for APA and seeing clients for astrological counselling, I’ve broadcast regularly on BBC local radio, and I write about various aspects of astrological psychology for astrological publications and for our own magazine “Conjunction”.

I’m the author of four books, “The Cosmic Egg Timer”, co-authored with Richard Llewellyn, “The Living Birth Chart”, “Aspect Patterns in Colour” and “Using Age Progression”.

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