As from 1st January 2017 you can no longer enrol as a new student on APA courses – see this blog post.

Current Foundation Course students  can, with the agreement of their tutor, enrol on the Diploma Course using the following enrolment form:

Diploma Course Enrolment Form

Current Diploma Course students enrolling on a Module by Module basis should use the following continuation enrolment form to request the next Module(s) to be worked on:

Diploma Continuation Enrolment Form

All you have to do is complete the relevant Enrolment Form and return it to us with the appropriate remittance.

If you have any queries contact:

APA Course Enquiries

18 The Clubhouse, Melton Park, Woodbridge, IP12 1SZ, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1394 610104

For the Diploma Course, when we acknowledge your initial enrolment we will send you a form to complete, requesting your own birth data and the birth data of someone you know well and on whose chart you will be working as part of your studies. Whilst awaiting the return of this information we are able to confirm the name of the tutor who will be working with you during the course. The teaching material you have requested will normally be forwarded to you within two working days of receiving your birth data.

For Diploma Continuation, materials and the identity of your tutor will normally be forwarded within two working days.