There are many benefits to the study of astrological psychology: see Why study astrological psychology?

From 1986-2016 APA offered tutored Foundation and Diploma courses, leading to the award of the Diploma in Astrological Psychology. These courses, which were accredited with the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education, have now reached the end of their natural life. Final course completions by current Diploma students are anticipated in 2019.

Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method

An alternative approach to study is now available, through the new book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method, available from bookshops, including the APA bookshop via the Amazon marketplace.

This is based on the Diploma Course manuals, in a similar A4 full colour format, so provides a similarly complete course of study. Some of our tutors are offering tutoring in parallel with your study using this book, in a more flexible way than with the Diploma Course.

A set of downloadable Study Resources is provided to support your studies.

We are investigating producing a similar solution for the APA Foundation Course. But note that there are plenty of introductory astrology books on the market, and the book The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological Psychology provides a good starting point.

Current Students

Current Diploma Course students may continue to enrol Module by Module using the Diploma Continuation Enrolment Form.

A link to the old Course prospectus is provided here for reference.


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