The following resources are provided to assist your study of astrological psychology, particularly oriented to support use of the book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method and the preparatory ebook Foundation Astrology.

Tutor or Consultant Support

Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method is a stand-alone course book that introduces all aspects of Astrological Psychology and allows you to study in your own time and at your own pace. For those not familiar with astrology or the psychological approach of the Hubers this is supplemented by the ebook Foundation Astrology.

In order to fully integrate the new astrological concepts that are presented in this material, you may find it valuable to seek the help of a qualified astrological psychologist. The page of services lists those willing to offer support, either as a tutor alongside your study or as an astro-psychological consultant who will use your birth chart to help your own psychological process. These tutors and consultants are freelance and each will discuss their own terms of contract with you, depending on your needs, what type of contact you would be looking for (email, Skype, Face-to-face) and how frequent and regular you would want this contact to be.


Some of you may wish to establish a relationship with a tutor from the beginning of your study process. This tutor would act as a guide giving you the opportunity to seek clarification when required and to discuss the charts you are working with, following the completion of each exercise.

Some of you may only look for support at specific times when a new concept is introduced that demands deeper understanding, or when you simply need help applying what is being taught to your chart.

Our intention is to make your learning experience as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. The choice is yours.


To effectively study astrological psychology you need to be able to generate birth charts and chart data in the Huber style. To see what is available, refer to the page Software for Huber Charts.

Blank Chart Forms

These are the original chart forms designed by the Hubers for manually erecting charts, in the days before widespread use of computers. Their use is still encouraged in the above book, but is not essential.

Exercise Forms

These forms are used in exercises in the above book.

See also the Resource Summary page for news, articles, video and audio resources.