Study Astrological Psychology

In a previous post we clarified that our long-running Foundation and Diploma courses are at the end of their natural life, and we were not accepting new enrolments after end December 2016. We also stated that new books will be made available to provide an alternative approach to study.

The new book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method is now available from bookshops.

This is based on the Diploma Course manuals, in a similar A4 full colour format, so provides a similarly complete course of study. Some of our tutors are offering tutoring in parallel with your study using this book, in a more flexible way than with the Diploma Course.

It will also provide a valuable reference work to the Huber Method, which many of you will find more convenient to hanging on to old diploma course manuals.

The book is being sold by the APA bookshop through the Amazon marketplace, rather than through the APA website, so you just need to look it up on Amazon. The APA bookshop will usually hold stock, so will be able to supply quickly. A special offer is being prepared for APA members and will be directly announced to them in due course.

It is not now planned to produce a similar book for the APA Foundation Course as there are plenty of introductory astrology books on the market, and the book The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological Psychology provides a good starting point.

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