Students reflect on their learning

Here are reflections from two of the recent tranche of students who completed the APA Diploma Course, now available to work through in the book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method (with optional tutoring).

Diane Perriam writes

I felt drawn to the Huber approach so I decided to study with the APA – I can say I made the right decision.

Little did I know when I set out on this journey just what was to come! There were various challenges along the way what with juggling life and work and study, attempting to maintain self-discipline and manage self-study, which most of the time seemed to involve an erratic study pattern. Then there were the times when I felt I wasn’t grasping the learning, only to experience a fleeting moment of insight/inspiration where I felt I finally understood – this was most uplifting. Looking at myself on deeper levels wasn’t always easy, and then there were the occasions where I was faced serious self-doubt with plenty questioning of my abilities. However my deep interest and passion for astrology, and my sheer determination, along with support from family and friends (and my tutor) helped to see me through, and I am delighted to have finally graduated.

I am intending to apply astrology in a therapeutic way, which I envisage will incorporate working with individuals in an experiential way. It feels exciting to start out on this path, to be open to how this work might develop, to continue learning and to play a small part in helping others on their journey.

In the meantime, I am settling into life in the Scottish Highlands, where it has snowed every day since the 1st February! Currently I am taking a bit of a break from work while I wait for decorative work to start on a lovely new therapy room. I am however reading avidly (always the student!) having decided to study in more depth Esoteric Astrology with Alan Oken – an area I feel very drawn to.

Andrada Andrei writes

In these challenging times for humanity, at the thought that I have finished my studies with the possibility to make a difference by guiding others using my knowledge seems one of the best decisions made in the last years. The future of the collective depends on the consciousness of each of us individually and I hope we can make a difference for the better.

After finishing the final Assignment, sharing now memories feels nostalgic… Keeping on studying through correspondence sometimes felt challenging but, at the same time, strengthen a lot my ability for self-reliance, self-discipline while being comforted that I always have the support of my tutor.

In 2015, after a few years of big changes, I found myself tired and a still point. I was in Bulgaria, Varna, a small city, living five minutes walking from the beach, connected with nature, with no material pressure ( at least, for a simple lifestyle in Bulgaria ) and no thoughts other than listening to my inner voice along the sea waves.

I had the time to have real conversations with my inner self, how would I like to take advantage of my free time while following a new study that makes “my heart sing”. Since childhood, I have always been interested in the unknown, in the intangible, in what lies beyond All that we consider life, inclined most of my life towards psychological thoughts (after all, my Sun is conjunct Pluto in the 8th house).

I gathered information on which school I would like to start studying. Finding APA was a “yes” vibration of the soul at first glance. And I couldn’t ask for a better tutor than Ghislaine Adams for which I am truly grateful. It is said, “when you are ready, the teacher appears”. Although we never met or spoke other than by correspondence, I have never felt alone in my journey, a quiet knowing and the support received during my assignments gave me the necessary strength and confidence to continue my studies until the end.

A lot of introspection helped to get slowly on a journey inward and find out how to live authentically with peace in the heart. I decided to go to India at the end of 2016 for a 200h Teacher training course and, there, was the first time when I could apply my learning to my colleagues. They were so enthusiastic for making real-life connections looking at their map! I can not forget one Romanian girl whose Age Point was conjunct at that time Venus and to whom I said, laughing, that maybe she will find someone new in that period. And, guess what, in the autumn this year I am invited to their wedding!

In 2017 I started slowly to spend time in Lisbon, focusing on my already spiritual path practising yoga and learning astrology. Coming from a jewellery business background, the idea of transforming the maps into pendants and bracelets using the new 3d printed technology seemed surreal but beautiful for its symbolism.

The period starting from the summer of 2018 was challenging but also so rewarding – moving full-time in Lisbon, starting again from scratch earning money only from teaching yoga classes and astrology readings was a roller coaster and still is. I am thankful for the kind but firm support given by my teacher, the deadlines to work with were much appreciated for my Capricorn Moon to not drop everything when seemed too much to deal with, especially in the last months.

Probably the most challenging assignments but also rewarding were the one which required deep inner work by going back through my childhood memories (and with all the planets in the upper hemisphere this is not an easy task!) and to make creative connections following the Age Progression – all the lessons of the squares and oppositions made by the Age Point until the first conjunction with my North Node.

As I have learned in yoga but also in my astrology journey that 99% is practice and 1% theory. Without reading as many charts as possible during my studies, I could not have been able to implement the theory in the best way. Indeed, one without the other will not be possible.

Why I love Huber method :

One of the biggest values is that the imagery turns the map alive for anyone who is not acquainted with astrology.

The Huber method makes the map accessible & understandable. After two hours of consultation, my clients remember what they saw and it is a joy to hear, after few weeks, ” my kite is flying” or “my boat got clear weather in the last days”.

Freeing the map by introducing colours, using imagination, allowing making meaningful correlations between the aspects is the beauty of Huber’s legacy.

The biggest challenge was not having one to one interactions, even live on-line group meetings would have made the process of learning much more interesting. With Saturn entering Aquarius in the following days, we are already forced to shift our perspective of helping people by focusing mainly on on-line astrology meetings, consultations and teachings.