Some thoughts on the House Chart

Post by Joyce Hopewell

Some time ago I was thinking about the House Chart and its significance, and came up with the following ideas and thoughts, which I share with you here. Bear in mind that these are my ideas, and my take on the subject, but in the spirit of Bruno Huber’s continual encouragement to keep researching and go into new areas, I’m writing up the notes I made at the time in the hope that they might spark some new trains of thought for students of astrological psychology.

The House Chart as “future”

The House Chart is sometimes referred to as “the chart of the future”, and I’ve heard Bruno Huber describe it as such on several occasions. I explored this idea and came up with the following thoughts: in addition to being viewed as the conditioning we received as children, both from the environment and those who influenced us and had certain expectations of how we should conform and behave, the House Chart can also truly be perceived as an indicator of “the future”.

“The future” here refers to our future – our state of being as we raise ourselves to a higher level of consciousness, and are not so completely dominated by the ego. As the ego becomes less driven by its needs we become less identified with it, but we can still allow it to “be”, to operate. Doing so, we can shift consciously, with choice and at will, into the potential that the House Chart holds.

The conditioning we received and the expectations that were laid upon us can then be expressed from a higher viewpoint and operate from a higher plane or place. Rather than see the negative things in the House Chart that we can so easily lay blame for at the feet of those who brought us up, we can stand clear and appreciate how these experiences were essential grist to the mill in our forming.

Bruno Huber suggested that the House Chart is corrective and character-forming. I recall him saying many times that if the child was not being conditioned by the parents in a manner congruent with the indications in the House Chart, the child would educate the behaviour of the parents to ensure that they would conform! I’m writing this from the premise that Bruno also put forward – that we choose our parents, our family and the birth/growing up situation that we require. Seen from this point of view, it makes sense to say that if we rail against our upbringing and blame our parents, we are not growing and developing. Nor are we beginning to realise the potential the House Chart holds for us.

Alice Bailey, in A Treatise on White Magic (p.439), speaks of a chart that will be based around the AC (which the House Chart is), and which would indicate the future. At an English-speaking Huber Seminar in Achberg, Germany, Bruno Huber said that this means we are equipped with behaviour through our surroundings. The House Chart gives our starting equipment in life. This doesn’t mean goals and the future as such, but it is the chart which gives us the equipment to move forward from birth.

Featured image shows radix and house charts for Bruno Huber