Small aspect pattern? Request for input.

Post by Pauline Southall

Hi all,

I am interested in researching how people experience their small aspect pattern charts in their lives. I myself have this kind of chart with the longest aspect being a trine. I have read that with the inner circle so exposed to the environment and the outside world, the native may experience life as though energy from those empty houses, is almost sucked into the inner circle like a vacuum. This energy goes straight to our core!

For me I have found my life to be somewhat controlled by others and it has taken me many decades to attempt to take control back in my life and forge my own path. The empty houses in my chart go from the 6th anti clockwise round to the first house. I only have the 2nd through to the 5th houses tenanted with planets. My comfort zone has always been pretty narrow, wanting to stay with what I already have in the sanctuary of my own home and family but also with a desire to share my sanctuary with someone. I have always had a strong interest in sports and competitions which I think satisfied a 5th house need for me to perform in some capacity.

11/11/1955, 20:44, Weston-super-mare, England

I have experienced much difficulty through life and I believe this could be in part due to learning to deal with the impositions, restrictions and demands that have come at me from these empty spaces. i.e. my partner, authority figures, parental figures, higher learning and developing my own ideas and way of thinking, spirituality, large groups of people i.e. clubs and associations, a need to develop my own personality etc. My childhood was very narrow and blinkered and in some ways closeted and I was not exposed to many learning experiences. Into adulthood, my expectation that life would be all I had gleaned from childhood, was soon quashed, and year after year would bring unfamiliar experiences that pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Finally at 64 I feel I have come to grips with all this. I have always been listening and trying to learn from what my life has presented to me and at last it feels as though the pieces of the puzzle are now in place. I know there is much more ahead for me to learn but I finally feel much more grounded within myself and not like a leaf on a choppy sea.

I would be really interested in hearing other people’s experiences of their chart with a small aspect pattern.

Best Wishes

Pauline (Southall)